Practical Ways to Increase Ember Fund Earnings

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How to increase ember fund earnings

Ember fund is a mining application that’s rewards users with bitcoin every second as long as the miner is activated. It’s been around for a couple of years and still paying but one thing people often search for is how to increase ember fund earnings. So in this article, we will be revealing the practical and easy ways of boosting ember fund earnings.

But before we get down to the various steps to follow in order to increase ember fund earnings, let’s have a deeper look at what ember fund app is about.

About Ember Fund App

Ember fund app as previously stated is a bitcoin mining app that rewards users with real money when they activate the miner. Users are rewarded with satoshis in short, sats which is the smallest unit of bitcoin and can place withdrawal to their external bitcoin wallet at the beginning of every new month.

All a user is expected to do to earn money on ember fund is to reactivate the miner every 24 hours in order for it to continue mining and the revenue or earnings to keep trickling in. But is ember fund mining app legit? It’s also important to answer this question before we start talking about how to boost earnings on the app.

Is Ember Fund Mining App Legit?

Ember fund is a legit mining app that’s paying. It’s been paying for up to two years and still paying. Now one may be wondering, how they generate their own revenue to be able to pay users for this long.

Ember fund generates revenue through the adverts placed inside the app. Some activities on the app triggers the video ads and when users view these ads to the end, they(ember administrators) earn money. Additionally, there are some charges collected each time a user wants to place withdrawal, all these go to the pockets of the administrators.

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If you have been wondering if ember fund mining app is legit or scam, worry no more. There is also an option to invest on the app but this is not really advisable because you may incur some losses if care is not taken.

How to Download Ember Fund Mining APK

To download the ember fund mining app, simply click on the Playstore link and download the app.

The link is valid for both android users and iOS. Just click on the link and you will be taken to your device app store to download ember fund app and sign up to start mining bitcoin for free!

Having examined some basic things about ember fund, I guess it’s time to have a look at the main reason for writing this article proper.

How to Increase Ember Fund Earnings

As a new user, your mining rate would be 1/2 sats per hour which is extremely low. This is automatic for new users and if you don’t take extra steps, it may take you a year to reach the $5 minimum withdrawal. This is where the quest to increase earnings on ember fund comes knocking.

If you wish to increase your ember fund earnings, then there are three main options available for you.

How to complete tasks on ember fund to increase earnings

  • Referring new users to the Ember fund app. This is not rocket science, most applications and websites have a referral incentive for users who spread the good news of their platforms and ember is no different. You earn extra 2 sats for each referral you bring to the platform. What this means is that, referring 10 people will increase your mining rate to 20 per hour which is fair.
  • You can continue this process to earn more. When you refer 50 active users, you earn 100 sats per hour which is the highest or peak for any user. You see? Boosting your ember fund earnings could just be as easy as spreading the good news of the app to your friends and family members. Just share your link to them, encourage them to mine every 24 hours and keep earning more money.
  • The second way of earning is through participating in the tournaments and even playing games to earn BTC. But the former is much easier because all you have to do is predict the outcome of crypto assets in a week i.e. whether they will perform lower or higher and if your prediction works, you earn extra sats. Best part is, even if your predictions are wrong, you have nothing to lose since most of them have an entry price of $0.00.
  • The second way under the tournaments is the game aspect. But you have to download games and play to a certain level to keep unlocking more sats on ember fund.
  • There is also an option for predictions, the only downside is you have to join with certain amount of money which will be deducted from your total income on ember fund. It’s also interesting because that’s how most users are boosting their revenue.

So if you’ve been looking for a way to increase ember fund earnings, this article must have served as an eye opener to you. Happy earnings and do well to join our telegram channel for more interesting updates on money making.

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