Prevent WhatsApp Group Images From Entering Your Gallery

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Do you know that you can prevent WhatsApp group images and media from entering your gallery even if your WhatsApp media settings is set at automatic? Having go deal with numerous unnecessary images in your gallery is one headache that comes with being in many WhatsApp groups and as such, you should endeavour to take some simple steps to stop it.

As I was going through my gallery and checking images for this month alone, I discovered that i have more than a thousand images in my WhatsApp image folder, with majority of them coming from WhatsApp groups, so I had to take steps to prevent it from happening and I am going to unveil those simple steps to you in this article.

How To Prevent WhatsApp Group Images From Entering Your Gallery

It’s actually as simple as ABC or perhaps more simple than that because as a young boy, I found it really difficult reciting the alphabets. Lol

Step 1 – click on the group information

How to prevent images from entering gallery

Step 2 – You will see an option for Media Visibility, simply turn it off for any group you believe is generating much media files and causing WhatsApp to dump unnecessary images in your gallery. The good thing is that, even your WhatsApp auto downloads the images from this group, it won’t automatically save in your gallery thus saving you the stress of always wiping images from your gallery every now and then.

Prevent WhatsApp images from entering gallery

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That’s all it takes to stop these group images from entering your precious gallery designated for special things and memories. You can do this in all groups you don’t have much business with or you believe generate much unnecessary and useless images to save yourself the stress of deleting but if you still leave your auto download feature on, there will still be data charges but the only difference is that, the images will be downloaded but won’t be stored in your gallery.

Thanks, share to others who may be having such issues.

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