Raiinmaker: Make Money And Cashout Gift Cards Free

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Raiinmaker, free gift cards

Are you aware that there’s a way to earn some money and even cash out unlimited gift cards free of charge? Raiinmaker, a creator platform built on WEB 3.0 has provided users with the opportunity to earn free money and gift cards for free by just sharing their content on select social media platforms.

Raiinmaker is trending on most social media platforms but it appears some people are still oblivious of how to earn or leverage this free creator platform to their benefit. So in today’s article, we are going to have a look at how you can earn some money and cash out gift cards such as ebay, Starbucks, Amazon, Walmart and much more on the Raiinmaker application without adding any external funds.

Without wasting much time beating about the bush, here is a breakdown of how to earn some money on Raiinmaker application with the platforms in-app cash token which is known as coiins.

How to Get Gift Cards On Raiinmaker

First of all, you need to download Raiinmaker Application from Google Playstore after reading this article or directly from HERE.

Secondly, after downloading the application, sign up and set your desired password. It is advisable for you to do the initial set up with a VPN preferably, Windscribe while connected to US server.

After creating a new account, the next step is linking your Twitter account which should have a minimum of 20 followers to the account. To do this, click on the three lines at the top right corner and select Account settings> then on Manage Social networks.

You will see an option to link Twitter and TikTok account, then you toggle the button and authorize the linking.

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When you are done linking your Twitter account, go back to the home page and join a campaign, share the campaign information after joining to your twitter account five times daily and earn 5 coiins. Repeat this process every 24 hours to earn more coiins.

How to Withdraw Your Coiins Or Use it to Get Gift Cards

Raiinmaker Amazon gift cards

Repeat the above step day to accumulate more coiins and once you have gotten upto 40 coiins and above, you can now request for payment.

But to do this, click on the lines at the top right corner again and select Profile settings, change your account location to Nigeria and then select Account settings > KYC verification to verify your profile.

Raiinmaker KYC verification

You need NIN Slip, International passport or Voters card to be able to verify your account. But don’t use the digital NIN slip, otherwise the verification will not be successful. Snap your document front and back and upload alongside filling the required information.

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The verification often takes within 2-4 days, during these days, don’t just relax, keep sharing your daily campaign to accumulate more points.

Raiinmaker location change

Once your KYC Verification gets approved, go to profile settings and change your location to USA, select any city of your choice and then go back to store to purchase gift cards with your coiins.

You may encounter ‘not enough coiins‘ error while trying to cashout your coiins, simply reduce your withdrawal to $5 and also increase quantity or $10 gift card × 2 to bypass the error. Also note that, the maximum withdrawal for a new user within a week is $25.

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