ReachOut Free 500mb: How to Get Up to 100gb Easily

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ReachOut free 500mb

ReachOut is running a zero data promotion aimed at giving users free 500mb data and up to 100gb when they complete certain steps on the application. As we all know, data is the fuel that gets everything going when it comes to the online space or internet and with the myriad of opportunities as well as contents to consume online, having data is and will always remain a flex.

In this article we will be having a look at some important information about ReachOut app, how to get free 500mb data on ReachOut and how to accumulate up to 100gb data free of charge. But before we get down to the main reason for writing this article, let’s start by getting to know more about the ReachOut application beyond the free data they are giving to users.

How Does ReachOut App Work?

ReachOut app as the name implies is a data free, secure and reliable communication platform that allows you chat and call people for free i.e. without having data. This is not the first social messaging app to offer users a data free usage but it is the first to give users free data that can not only be used to chat and use their social medium but can also be used to power some other applications and websites outside the application.

On ReachOut, you don’t need an active data plan or airtime to chat with friends, contacts and you don’t need any data to share voice notes, images and calls both audio and video. All you have to do is download ReachOut app, complete the sign up process and start chatting with your friends for free without paying a dime or spending any money on data or airtime. With that being said, let’s have a look at how to get the initial free 500mb data from ReachOut app.

How to Get Free 500mb Data On ReachOut App

How to get free 1gb data on ReachOut app

To get the free 500mb data as a welcome bonus, you have to download and create a ReachOut account and in order for this to be done, you must either be an android user or an iOS user.

  • Download ReachOut from either Google Play store or App store and create an account with your details.
  • An OTP will be sent to your phone line to enable you confirm the account you just created. This is where people often experience some hitches, the code takes time to arrive, so you have to be patient for at least 10 minutes or before the countdown runs out.
  • While registering, you will be asked to enter a referral code, simply copy and paste this code – C22A40E0E8B9 since you’re hearing about the platform for the first time from here.
  • Immediately you are done with the sign up, you’d be given free 500mb data to browse the ReachOut app and some other apps and website which will be mentioned towards the end of this article.

That’s all it takes to get the welcome 500mb data bonus but you can accumulate it to 100gb depending on how many friends or contacts you have.

How to Get Up to 100gb Data On ReachOut App

How to get up to 100gb data on ReachOut app

ReachOut has a referral program that also rewards users with free data when they refer new users to download and create an account on the app.

For each person you refer or any user who binds your referral code to his account while signing up, you will be given free 1gb extra data which means, 100 users will fetch you 100gb data.

To get your referral code, click on the your profile icon  by the top left corner and tap on refer friends, then copy your referral code and share to friends or family members, for each person who creates an account with your code, you will be instantly credited an extra 1gb data.

Websites and Apps to Use ReachOut 500mb Data On

In all this, the only downside is that, ReachOut free data can be used to access or use certain services and applications and not all. It is not a universal data and as such, can only be used to do specific things or run specific services.

According to the information on the website, you can use the free data from ReachOut to access tiktok, WhatsApp, Netflix, Wikipedia. Some people claim it works for YouTube as well but it’s best for you to try and give us a feedback. Make sure you only use the free ReachOut data when you’ve exhausted your main data balance and it works for the major telecoms in Nigeria.

Keep accumulating free data and surfing free of charge.

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