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Readershome review

Readershome is an earning website that in my opinion is somewhat unique since users have to complete tasks but in a different way before they get rewarded. If you’ve been following our reviews, then you’d agree with me when I say that in recent times there’s been numerous get-paid-to websites; with majority of them being pure waste of time. In today’s article, we will be having a look at readershome review; which involves a full breakdown of how the platform works, how to start earning and finally, whether it’s legit or scam.

Readershome payment proofs have been flying around for sometime; knowing fully well that many people would be wondering what the platform is about, I decided to make this review to reveal everything there is to know about On this note, if you have plans to sign up on readershome, there is need for you to read this review.

About Readershome

Readershome is an earning website that rewards users with free cash rewards when they play games, read stories and use their applications generally. It’s designed in a different way and that’s why I tagged it a unique website in the beginning of this article. Unlike many get-paid-to websites that launch and make users view highly intrusive adverts before they earn, readershome is completely different.

How Does Readershome Work?

Readershome rewards users with cash rewards only when they use their applications. There are four apps users are expected to downloaded and use in playing games, reading novels and stories before they get rewarded.

Firstly, there is a welcome bonus of 2,000 naira but as a readershome user, you can’t get this reward after signing up without downloading their four applications. There are four apps with each of them having free 500 naira attached. So when you register on readershome and download the apps, you qualify for the welcome bonus of 2,000 naira.

To continue earning on readershome and also to unlock the withdrawal button, you must use the applications steadily as the more they are used, the more money you get and the closer you’ll be to withdrawing the money.

Readershome Sign Up

If you have plans to onboard or join the readershome family, then the first step to take is signing up on the website. Create an account by filling the registration form and then submit.

Readershome tasks

After creating an account, click on Tasks to see the list of applications to download in order to get started. No activity is to be done on the website apart from viewing your profile, copying your referral link, the activity that fetches you money on readershome is on the apps. So it’s not really an option if you want to participate.

When Was Launched?

According to readershome, the website has been around since 2020, as a matter of fact, that’s the first thing I noticed on their official website but, how true is this? Due to this claim and how unbelievable it sounded, that’s why I decided to look up whois to know when url went live for the first time. When I checked, I discovered, went live for the first time on 5th, December, 2023.

This means the information on their website is not true in any way. Maybe the administrator or whoever wrote that included the inception of the readershome idea as part of how long the website has been around. Lol, who knows?

For the sake of this article however, readershome was launched in 2023. It’s not been around for even 6 months. Having separated fact from claim, it is important to answer the question that will actually validate this readershome review; is legit or scam?

Readershome Review – Is readershome Legit Or Scam?

The answer is to this question is yes. Readershome is paying for now though no one knows how long this will continue. Additionally, since the website is free and doesn’t seem to have a fixed payment date besides the referral incentive which they claim is paid to referrers every Monday.

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I didn’t notice any other suspicious thing about readershome but while installing whatever app, make sure the apps doesn’t request for too many permissions on your device. Some scam apps request for permissions to perpetrate harm on the owner of the device, so be wary and careful before grabbing any permission.

One red flag or unpleasant thing I noticed is that readershome doesn’t explicitly state how users can withdraw and what the minimum withdrawal is. This should be on the website for all to see but it’s lacking here.

Conclusively, readershome can be said to be legit since even the identity of the owner unlike many similar websites is not hidden. The identity, address and all personal information of the owner is clearly stated on whois for all to see. This is a plus for the website.

Thanks, we’ve come to the end of this readershome review. Have you had some experience on that you would like to share, feel free to use the comment section to share your thoughts.

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