Ring App Review: Get Free Airtime Daily From Receiving Test Calls

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Ring app is a mobile service designed by Pingo Ocean for the purpose of preventing spam sms and calls; and while at this, the users of the app also earn some money when they receive test calls from the platform. When it boils down to mentioning the various special applications out there, ring app should be in the list because apart from providing users with a passive earning opportunity, you also get to enjoy a lot of features that you wouldn’t easily get from any other application.

In this post, we are going to be having a look at everything there is to know about Ring App and how you can get free Airtime simply from receiving test calls on a daily basis. Like the name implies, ring app was designed to deal with issues of call and the various spam people experience with calls, sms and many other aspects. Without wasting much time, let’s get down to the full information about ring app and the features.

About Ring App

Ring app icon

Ring app like I mentioned earlier, is a spam calls and sms blocking service that successfully fights against fraudulent, spam calls and messages both on mobile networks and various social messengers. It is also an earning application; not an active one but since you have little to nothing to lose when you use the ring app, I’d give it a shot if I were in your shoes.

That aside, there are many interesting features of ring app you should know and they are as follows;

Features Of Ring App

  1. SPAM BLOCKING: Ring app blocks unwanted calls arriving to your mobile number and instant messengers (Whatsapp, Viber, etc.), as well as block unwanted SMS messages (promotions, regular polls, etc.) Block on your phone sources of unwanted calls and messages collected by RingApp users (spam list synchronization with a common database)
  2. EARNINGS ON CALLS: you receive test calls from telecom operators and earn from these calls.
  3. Test tasks are sent by telecom operators at different times in different numbers. The earnings on calls of the most active and successful users earn up to 10 USD per day! You can always withdraw money earned in RingApp via airtime anytime!
  4. The reward for one test call ranges between $0.01 to $0.10 and you can immediately withdraw this via Airtime to your line.

Additionally, you don’t have to be scared of being charged for the test calls as the platform will compensate users if by error they are charged for the test calls. You have nothing to worry about, all you have to do is get set up to receive these calls and get rewarded.

How to Get Free Airtime On Ring App Daily

Ring app free airtime

  • Download Ring Application from either Google Play store or Apple store. I am not sure it’s available for iOS users but you can confirm from apple store to know if this service is open to you.
  • After downloading the app, sign up with your phone number and you receive a confirmation call. You will be required not to answer this call as it’s automated and only meant for account confirmation.
  • When you are done with this step, you will be asked to enter the code of the person that referred you, simply paste this code in the box – 461235495 this will qualify you for a bonus after you get the first test call or complete the first task.

That’s pretty much all there is to know about the registration steps and there is nothing else required of you than to wait for test calls. Test calls are dependent on your location and mobile network but you should receive the first test call in a couple of days and if you don’t, feel free to contact their online support rep via the app.

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There is another way of earning and that is via referrals. Since the referral program and amounts vary for each country, it is important for me to break it down properly for better understanding.

How Does Ring App Referral Program Work?

Ring app has a referral program that could be considered interesting or annoying for some people. But it all boils down to the country of your referrals;

  • If you get referrals from top tier or tier 1 countries, you earn a whopping 465 Naira per referral which increases when the referrals starts receiving test calls.
  • But if you get referrals from tier 3 countries or poorer countries you earn less bonuses. To aid your understanding, below are some screenshots of the referral bonuses based on the countries;

Ring app referral bonus Ring app bonus Ring app referral program

Minimum Withdrawal On Ring App & How to Withdraw

How to withdraw airtime on ring app

The minimum withdrawal for Nigerian users is 76 Naira, which means once you have earned up to this amount, you can place withdrawal and the airtime will be immediately credited to your phone line.

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If you have earned up to or above this amount and wish to withdraw, simply open the Ring App and click on your balance showing at the top of the app and then, enter amount you want to withdraw and proceed.

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