Rita Data Review – Earn Upto €100 From Sharing Your Data

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Rita Data Review

Rita Data known for their popular caption ‘Your Data In Your Pocket‘ has become a force to reckon with in the world of data sharing as they claim users can make money from taking control of their data. There are numerous ways of earning on the app but the most popular way is by connecting your data to the app. In this Rita data Review, we will be having a look at all there is to know about the app and also finding out if it’s legit or scam.

Most tech companies make money off of users information and data but the goal of Rita data is to give users the access to view their data, see how much these big companies are making from their data and then give users the opportunity to earn some money from their data. If you have registered on the app already, then you would understand what the app’s vision and mission is all about. So without wasting much time, let’s get down to the main aspects of this Rita data Review such as answering the very important question, is Rita data legit or scam?

About Rita Data

About Rita App

According to the information on Rita’s website, it is the ultimate application that lets users take control of their data. With Rita, you have the free will and ability to not only take control of your data but also, view, and earn from the data. Upon signing up on rita app, you will be shown the worth of your data and how many companies have your data.

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So rita data app in a nutshell is there to empower every user to take control of their personal data and also earn from it when you utilise the additional features on the app and services. Incase you are looking for a passive source of income, there is need to look into considering rita app because it’s completely free and seems to be worth it.

How to Create An Account On Rita Data App

Rita is only accessible to some countries, thus people in Africa and many other countries of the world cannot use the app at the moment. If you are in the UK, then you can easily make use of the Rita App.

Head to either Playstore or App store and download Rita App, then proceed to sign up and connect your Google account data to the app. This process takes some minutes to complete and then you will be given free welcome bonus with many other services you can earn from.

You can earn from connecting your data after a week or two. You can also earn from answering Surveys on the Rita data app as well the lucky draw feature available in the app. To top it up all, Rita has an amazing support team that can be reached via email or directly on discord incase you encounter any issue.

How to Earn Upto €100 On Rita Data

Rita has an interesting referral program that could actually be utilized by users who wish to earn enough money or have audience in countries where Rita is available. You earn €1.5 per referral and the money you can earn from referring is not limited meaning you can keep earning and earning more money simply referring more users.

To get your referral link on the Rita data app, simply click on wallet and on the page, you will see the invite friends option with a unique invite link. Share it your friends and earn €1.5 for each person. All the referrals have to do is sign up and connect their data to the system.

What’s Rita Data Minimum Withdrawal?

The minimum withdrawal is €4. Immediately you’ve earned up the minimum withdrawal amount, you can place withdrawal and to do this, click on wallet and then on cash out i.e. after you must have set up your stripe account.

Rita Data Review – Is Rita App Legit Or Scam?

Is Rita Data Legit Or Scam?

Rita is legit and ever since it launched two years ago, no complaints whatsoever from users about whether or not the app actually pays. The only complains you may find on app store is, users having issues with sign up and also being given little to nothing for sharing their data to the app.

But if you reach minimum withdrawal and request to be paid, the payouts are often processed using stripe; a very popular payment gateway and it takes just a few days for the money to arrive in the user’s payment bank. All these can be done within the Rita data app, so even if you don’t have a stripe account prior to knowing about Rita data, you still have nothing to be worried about.

Payments usually takes 5-7 business days to arrive at the local bank account set up on stripe. So after withdrawing, you can sit tight and wait for your payment after a couple of days.

We’ve come to the end of this Rita data Review! If you’ve been looking for an app to earn some passive income from, then you can consider going for Rita data app. Enjoy and feel free to join our telegram channel and group for more interesting updates.

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