Robinhood Wallet $3 Bonus: See How to Get Yours

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In this article, you will be finding out how to get Robinhood Wallet free $3 bonus. I am sure you have not heard much about Robinhood Wallet, that’s right. The reason why you have not heard about the wallet is that, it is mainly available for iOS devices and due to the number of people using Android devices, you may not hear many people talking about this web3 wallet.

Robinhood Wallet is giving away up to $3 bonus that can be withdrawn instantly without charges or fees. All you have to do is complete the steps to get this bonus and that’s the primary reason for this article but we can’t just start talking about the Robinhood bonus without briefly introducing the wallet.

About Robinhood Wallet

Robinhood Wallet is a multi-chai, self custody, web3 wallet that allows it’s users to own and swap cryptocurrency, connect to a wide range of decentralized applications otherwise known as Dapps. Robinhood Wallet is very easy and simple to use, so any crypto person or even someone who has basic understanding of technology and online wallets should be able to navigate and utilize the features of the wallet.

They are giving away a bonus if $3 which is now $2.7 but the good thing is that, this bonus can be withdrawn to your choice wallet application without fees. Under normal circumstances, you may see this as a rubbish offer since most crypto wallets will still take majority of the bonus in network fees and charges but this is not the case with Robinhood Wallet. It’s truly a gift in every sense of the word and if you wish to get this bonus, keep reading.

Requirements to Get Robinhood Wallet $3 Bonus

Robinhood wallet welcome bonus

Like every other thing, there are certain steps or requirements you need to either meet or have to be able to claim the bonus and they are as follows;

  1. An iOS device. I mentioned it earlier that Robinhood is only available on iOS devices for now thus it’s less popularity amongst crypto enthusiasts. This will be a turn off for many viewers who are android users but you can borrow an iOS from a friend and try the update.
  2. Up to $10 Matic in your other crypto wallets because you would need to deposit at least $10 Matic into your newly created Robinhood Wallet before you will be given the bonus. Not to worry, this is no way a ponzi scheme or scam, the wallet is fully approved and safe. Your deposits are safe.

How to Get Robinhood Wallet Free $3 Bonus

Robinhood wallet free $3 bonus

Download Robinhood Wallet from Apple Store as it’s only available for iPhone users.

After downloading, select create a new wallet, then you can use face ID or touch ID to create a custom pin that would enable you access your wallet.

Select back it up to iCloud or back it up manually. You may also decide to skip or back it up later.

Once you are done creating the wallet, proceed to deposit. You will need to deposit $10 worth of Matic to your wallet and then you will be instantly rewarded with $1 usdc.

Robinhood Wallet free $3 bonus

Click on learn more about self-custody wallets, when you are done with that process, you will be given additional $2 matic totalling $3 worth of bonuses.

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Then you can proceed to convert the $1 usdc bonus given to you upon confirmation of your deposit to matic as well and withdraw all to either Binance or any other crypto wallet you use.

There are no charges whatsoever and you get up to $3 bonus added to your $10 deposit. That’s amazing considering that registration is quite easy and straightforward.

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