RRBet Review – Is Rrbet.com Legit Or Scam?

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Rrbet review

Rrbet is a casino gaming website that users can register on and play games to win cash prizes. In this rrbet review, we will be having a look at some information about rrbet.com and also answer questions such as; is rrbet legit or scam?, owner of rrbet, games available on rrbet, some positive aspects of rrbet and the negative aspects otherwise referred to as the red flags about rrbet gaming website.

Having revealed the major things we will be discussing in this rrbet review, there’s no point wasting more of your time, let’s jump straight into the main purpose of writing this article. But firstly, ensure you join our telegram channel and group if you found the review worth it because we will be dropping more reviews and online money making updates both free and paid ones.

About RRbet

RRbet as the name implies is an online gaming website that offers numerous games to its users and the games are grouped into various categories such as sports, fishing, Hot games, slot games etc.

No matter where your interest lies, rrbet contains many games to suit any audience. As long as you are used to online casino websites, you would have no problems using the RRbet app or website to play games and the good thing is, you earn money from playing the games as in other sports b*tting websites.

Games Available On RRbet

Rrbet games

Like I said the games are grouped into various categories for users, so we will be listing the categories and also showing you the games under each category to give you an overall idea of what RRbet has to offer people who wish to make money on their website.

1. Hot Games

  • Crazy 777
  • Fortune gems
  • Crazy tiger
  • Treasures of Aztec
  • PG slots
  • Aviator
  • Mines gold

2. Slot games 

  • Pg slots
  • Jdb slots
  • Wg slots

3. Blockchain games 

  • Jdb Blockchain
  • Wg Blockchain
  • Jili Blockchain

4. Fishing

  • Jdb fishing
  • Wg finishing
  • Jili fishing

5. Sports

  • BTI sports
  • SBO sports
  • Pinnacle sports

6. Cards

  • Jili cards
  • Jdb cards

There are some other games available on RRbet but in order not to wear you out, let’s stop there. If you wish to learn more about the games, sign up on the website or download the app and start checking out all the games to see the one that suits your taste.

RRbet Review – Is Rrbet.com Legit or Scam?

The whole essence of this RRbet review is to find out if RRbet.com is a legit or scam gaming website. So we will be answering the question. RrBet is legit but can be scam to you depending on how you play the game. This answer may seem ambiguous to an average person who has little to no knowledge of online gambling websites, so I’ll give you a simple illustration below

Bet9ja, Sporty Bet, 1Xbet are online betting websites that have been confirmed to be legit but not everyone will tell you they are legit, why? The reason is, not everyone wins, as a matter of fact, majority lose when games cut but they somehow keep coming back because they are aware of how online gaming websites work.

This is nearly the same case for online casino websites like RrBet because, you can’t really give a general answer whether they are legit or scam because experiences vary but on a general note, people who place withdrawal on rrbet get paid. So for the purpose of this RrBet review, it is safe to say RrBet.com is a legit gaming website but you need to be mindful of the way you play and only stake or deposit what you can afford to lose.

Owner Of Rrbet.com

Rrbet.com ownership information is not public. I looked up the website URL on whois and discovered that the owner(s) hid his or her Identity. Now this could be for any of the following reasons;

1. Either the owner doesn’t want to spammed or bullied by enraged users who lose money on the website since it’s more or less a gambling site or

2. The owners or RrBet have plans of crashing in the future when the payment becomes burdensome to them. This is not uncommon as we’ve seen or witnessed the rise and fall of many online casino websites; RrBet crashing in the future shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Most of these casino websites are owned by people of questionable character or reputation. So whenever you’re participating, always use what you can spare.

How to Create An Account On RrBet

Firstly, head to RrBet website and sign up. Surprisingly, when I signed up, I only used username, they don’t ask for phone number and there is no verification whatsoever.

When you are done signing up, you will be logged into the main dashboard for you to either deposit or scroll around. There is no welcome bonus, so for you to start playing games, you have to deposit money.

To deposit on rrbet, click on the top right corner where deposit option is showing, select bank transfer, select the amount you wish to deposit. The minimum deposit amount on RrBet is 2,000 naira, which is kind of high but if you are ready to participate, deposit and start playing any game.

Personally, I have tried playing some games. The one I like the most is aviator, though the eventually took all their money because the games are based wholly on luck than expertise. Just pick any game that you like and play.

RrBet Referral Program

Rrbet referral program

The referral program is very interesting, you earn fixed amount of 1,500 if your referral joins and deposits up to 5,000 naira and makes a total bet of 20,000 naira. This is another way of earning well on RrBet and also potentially a red flag because higher referral reward means the platform will get weak rapidly.

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You can get your referral link by clicking on your profile > agent, then select referral link, copy and share to potential players to earn more money on RrBet.

Minimum Withdrawal On Rrbet

The minimum withdrawal on RrBet is 2,000 naira as well. While this may appear to be low and a potential green flag, there is a downside, you have to clear wager for every single money deposited and this is where most people lose their money.

So you need to play games before you clear the wager which may even end up making you lose your hard earned money. Another reason for you to be careful while playing the game.

RrBet Green Flags

  • Lower minimum withdrawal is always a green flag no matter what.
  • New casino website. RrBet is still new and as it stands, this could be the first review of the website. A good time to cash out a little before it eventually crashes or becomes very much difficult to play and win.
  • They release red envelope rewards every evening. You can get this by joining this official telegram channel and following the screenshot illustration below to claim the reward that ranges between 100-5,000 naira. It seems higher red envelope rewards is for people who have deposited and played games on the site.
  • Rrbet Red envelope rewards

RrBet Red Flags

  • RrBet didn’t publicly declare the owner of the website.
  • The games are preprogrammed to ensure you don’t win always, so there is no point being greedy to avoid losing your money.
  • The website doesn’t have a live chat support.

We’ve come to the end of this RrBet review! If you enjoyed the review, feel free to drop a comment, I’ll approve and acknowledge all of them.

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