How to Earn 3,000 Naira From RWS Face Verification Task

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RWS is working on developing an AI that identifies faces and users who volunteer to aid the development of the technology will be paid 3,000 naira upon completion of the tasks. The tasks are quite cumbersome and lengthy to an extent but you can get it done within some hours if you are determined.

I believe you clicked on this link to find out how to earn some money, so we will get into that straight away.

About RWS

RWS group otherwise known as RWS is a British owned company that provides technology-enabled language, content management and intellectual property services. Since we are in the era of AI with the advent of Chatgpt and the likes, RWS is also working on developing an AI driven software that identifies faces and as such, people are required to testrun the system.

Requirements to Participate In The RWS Face Verification Task

RWS face verification task payment

1. You need a government issued ID or a certificate that shows your name and date of birth. This is to confirm that the details submitted on the form is accurate and there is no fraud. Some of the documents required for verification are as follows;

  •  Voter’s Card
  •  Driver’s License
  •   NIN + Date of Birth
  •   International Passport

Note you are not to submit all the documents above, but you can pick one that is available such as your voter’s card or NIN+Birth Certificate. That’s all you need and proceed with the other steps.

2. Fill the sign up Google form via HERE with your real details including your age.

3. Sign the PPN form as well by clicking HERE. These are compulsory forms you have to fill before you can participate in the exercise. After filling the forms, you will be asked to join a WhatsApp group.

4. When you have joined the group, you will have to submit one of the documents via a Google meet call to them. First of all, you will have type your Gmail and Date of Birth in the chat box during the video call. Then you can either share your screen with them if you have an image of your government issued ID or you can turn on your camera during the video call for them to see your ID. The video call link is – and the time and date for the meeting are; (Mondays – Fridays) 8:15am to 10-15 am.

After you’re done with the video call, proceed to create a Raven Bank Account by downloading the App from Either Play Store or App Store. The reason is that, all payments are sent to Raven Bank Account.

Now the second step is, they will send an email to you with a link and the tasks you have to complete in order to fully qualify for the free 3,000 naira bonus. Like I said earlier, it’s a cumbersome or slightly difficult update unless you’re truly determined, you may end up chickening out.

Tasks For The 3,000 Naira Bonus From RWS Face Verification Task

You will be asked to submit short videos indoors.

Secondly, record a short video in a room with light behind you.

Thirdly, record a video outdoors outside with a natural lighting.

Then change appearance like wearing sunglasses to record videos etc.

Below are screenshots of the tasks you should complete to qualify for the 3,000 naira payment.

RWS face verification tasks

How to Withdraw the Money

Like I said earlier, you’d need a Raven Bank Account and to create one, simply click HERE to download the app and sign up.

After signing up, complete KYC verification and wait.

Upon completion of the Google face verification exercise, you will get an email requesting for your Raven Bank account details. Submit them and wait for your alert.

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