Smart Programs NFT Review: Is The Platform Legit Or Scam?

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Smart Programs NFT is a newly launched website as a matter of fact, the website was registered on the 4th of March and set to expire after a year. Smart programs NFT as the name implies is a contract order transaction method that distributes dividends by raising funds from the market. The funds gotten from the market are now entered into an NFT secondary market by the platform’s professional risk control trading team for transactions, automatic monitoring and interest payments.

In more simple terms, it is a hyip scheme that is currently rewarding users with free $55 which can not be withdrawn but can be used to trade every 4 hours. The dividends gotten from the trade can then be withdrawn by the investors. Smartprogramsnft is currently trending on most platforms especially on WhatsApp where many believe the platform will actually pay the dividends gotten from the hourly trade. But is this possible considering the fact that the users who are signing up due to the bonus have no intention of depositing?

So in this article, we are going to be finding out whether is legit or scam based on indicators and a brief rundown of how the platform works and what you stand to “gain” if you sign up. It is also important to mention that, this article was only sponsored in anyway by the administrators of smart programs nft and as such, the views expressed are wholly neutral and not aimed at enticing anyone to sign up on the platform. On the contrary, the opposite is the case.

About Smart Programs NFT

Smart programs nft order history

Based on my knowledge and experience with ponzi schemes, smart programs nft is a ponzi scheme. The money being promised can not be generated anywhere, the plan is to lead majority of users on with the bonuses which will make them invest and when they do, their risks multiply.

Smart programs nft claims to be running a bonus offer to users at the moment by giving all new registrants welcome bonus of $55 for which they will still earn dividends with. This sound incredible and noy feasible to say the least but let’s just be hopeful.

How to Earn On Smartprogramsnft

To earn on smart programs nft, you need to create an account within the promo period which is set to end on the 18th of April and then claim the free welcome bonus by clicking on “My” and on “NFT Airdrop“.

Smartprogramsnft-com review

After claiming the bonus, you click on trades and select the 4 hour plan, enter $55 in the amount column and submit the trade. The trade will run for 4 hours and you will have to repeat the processes again and place another trade. For each time you do, some extra income will be added to your wallet. Smart programs NFT earning pattern is actually straightforward but I still find it unbelievable. There is another way of earning money on smart programs nft and that is through referrals;

How Does Smartprogramsnft Referral Program Work?

The smart programs nft referral program is very interesting and even one of the things further confirming my earlier assertion that it is a hyip scheme.

Smart programs nft referral program is divided into layers with the first set of direct invitees giving the referrer a whopping 10% of whatever they earn and also earning up to the third generation of referrals.

If you have been into ponzi for a while, you will know this is an unsustainable plan similar schemes use in making users sign up and work hard to bring in family and friends to a platform. But then, since it’s free and there is an ongoing promo, I won’t really stop or advise anyone not to sign up on

Is legit or scam? payment proof

From all indications, the platform is not a genuine platform. But we can give it a benefit of doubt by trying out the free bonus to see if they will actually pay. If smart programs nft pays, I’ll come back to this post to update the payment proof.

In the meantime, fingers are crossed. Did you enjoy this review? Feel free to join our telegram channel for more interesting updates.

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