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Sound Halla is a platform created for music lovers who also won’t to earn money from doing what they love. Everyone enjoys consuming media especially music because of its appeal to the soul and the relaxing effects it can have on the body, but who wouldn’t grab an opportunity to make money while playing songs?

In today’s article, we are going to have a look at how to make some free money online by playing songs using Sound Halla Application. But before we get down to business, it is pertinent for us to know what sound halla is all about.

What Is Sound Halla?

Sound halla music player earning

Sound halla is a music player that provides users the opportunity to earn some money from just playing the snippet of songs and then giving feedback based on preferences. Playing a full song may seem like a big deal that’s why the platform shortened the songs to just 20 seconds and play and then after giving a short review, you get credited with some money.

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The remuneration is quite poor and because of it, one may wonder if it’s truly worth any effort, but it is actually, since we all play songs on a daily basis, earning while doing so, shouldn’t be a big deal to anyone.

How to Earn Money From The Platform

✅ Download Sound Halla From Google Playstore and sign up on the application, fill in your details and verify your email address.

✅ In the registration form, you will be asked to enter a referral code i.e. the code of the person who referred you, enter UG427064 and then confirm your registration.

✅ The next process will require you to enter the code sent to your registered email address, enter the OTP and then you will be logged into the main dashboard, where you will see a play button and a pause button. Start playing songs and per 20 Secs song you play, the platform will credit you with 5 Naira.

That sounds petty right? It may be petty for people who don’t normally listen to music but if you are a music lover like I am, then it’s certainly not a waste of time. But that’s not all, you can also earn by referring others to the sound halla platform.

How Does The Sound Halla Referral Program Work?

Earn money through Sound Halla Referral Program

It is not still an active source of revenue but it’s more than the normal earnings for playing songs. When you refer friends using the code given to you, the platform will credit you with N10 per person. That mean, 100 people will fetch you 1,000 Naira and since the referrals will still earn for playing songs, you should consider trying out the referral program.

How to Withdraw Your Money From The Platform

Sound Halla Withdrawal proof

The only withdrawal method is local bank and you can withdraw only once in a week when you have gotten upto 100 Naira minimum balance. I placed a withdrawal yesterday and it landed in few seconds! So when it comes to payout, the sound halla is legit to the core!

That’s all for how to earn some passive income from Sound Halla Music Player! Enjoy it while it lasts and don’t forget to join our WhatsApp group and telegram channel. Thanks!

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