SP7Vip Review – Is SP7Vip.com Legit Or Scam?

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Sp7vip Review

Sp7vip is an online cryptocurrency gaming application that rewards users with more usdt when they deposit money and play any of the games available on the platform. They are running a referral promo where users get free $1 usdt when they refer to the platform and that is the reason for this sp7vip review. We will be finding out basically if the sp7vip is legit or scam.

In this article as already stated, we will be reviewing sp7vip; an online casino gaming website with myriad of games including slot games even though most of the games are not really common or what we’re familiar with. Without wasting much time let’s start by introducing sp7vip gaming website.

About sp7vip

About sp7vip

Sp7vip is a gaming website that uses cryptocurrency as it’s mode of payment and deposits which means as a user, you can only deposit money in crypto esp usdt and also place withdrawals in usdt. There are myriad of games available on sp7vip and some of the games are grouped as follows;

  • Slot games which includes, a night out, absolutely mammoth, adventure trail etc.
  • Live Casino – American roulette, Arabic roulette, 3 card game etc.

These are the two major categories of games you can find on sp7vip, but the issue is that, most of the games are not common. Even as someone who’s had much experience with casino gaming websites, the ones on sp7vip seems to be new and as such, having no clue about it means I won’t be able to give anyone a clue when it comes to playing the games.

Sp7vip Review – Is Sp7vip.com Legit or Scam?

Sp7vip is not a legit gaming website. Online casino websites to start with are not really legit because they are usually not registered with a known name or an identity and they tend to stop paying after a couple of months or program their games in a way that users would be losing much more than they gain.

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But from my little experience with sp7vip, it’s not a legit gaming website. Don’t let the $1 usdt referral program deceive you, only very few people get paid even after referring. In order to make this sp7vip review more credible to you, let me tell you my little story with the platform.

I registered some weeks ago and even promoted the platform on my telegram channel due to the amazing referral program and the fact that one of my members got paid, I accumulated more than $60 usdt and even completed kyc via the live chat support.

Placed withdrawal and also messaged them to inform them of my withdrawal request, the support rep said they will fasten the process for me. Only for me to come back after two to three days to see that they’ve deleted my account with all the genuine referral bonuses I accrued.

Which left me in a state of surprise because, I don’t understand why a platform would promise referral bonus or set up a referral program they can’t finance. In that regard, sp7vip is not legit. It’s a scam website, they intentionally put up the referral campaign to lure users into referring new users for them after which, they ban the main referrer.

Secondly, the sp7vip.com website is terribly slow and buggy. For a website that claims to be paying money, this is a major red flag you shouldn’t overlook. There are certain browsers you would use and the web page wouldn’t even load not to mention playing games. So signing up on sp7vip.com is purely at your own peril as there is a chance the website could just go offline any day and all your usdt deposits would be gone.

Lastly, payment is manual. Even the few users or members of my group that got paid received theirs after some days. This is a major red flag as the rep even told me my withdrawal could take up to a month to be paid. Imagine depositing $50 usdt to play games and then you place a withdrawal of $100 and it takes a month to arrive? Slow payment is a sign that a platform is scam and as such, there is need for you to stay away from sp7vip.

But if after reading the points in this sp7vip review, you still feel like registering, then just follow the steps below to create an account.

How to Create An Account on Sp7vip

To create an account simply fill the sign up form on sp7vip.com. One error users often experience or notice is username already exists error” to bypass this, use a virtual private network.

Then fill the sign up form and confirm your email address using the link that will be sent to you upon submission of the form. After that, you can now copy your referral link and share to users to earn some money to use in playing games.

If you don’t have that time, you can deposit usdt and use it to play one of the games you’re familiar with though highly unadvisable, who am I to stop you from using your money as you please?

Minimum withdrawal on sp7vip is $2 usdt. So immediately you’ve earned up to this amount, click on profile, then proceed to withdraw the bonus.

We’ve come to the end of this sp7vip review! From what you’ve read, do you think sp7vip is legit or scam? Let me know in the comment section if it’s your first time reading a review of the platform and if you’ve had some experience or gotten paid by the platform, also share your thoughts. Thanks.

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