Spin700 Review: Is Spin700.com Real? Find Out

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How to earn money on spin700

Spin700 is an online earning website where users can earn money by playing spin games. As the name implies, you spin on the various games available on the website for a chance to earn double, triple and even numerous folds of whatever you staked. It’s very similar to the casino games that have surfaced in recent times, so in this spin700 review, we will be finding out if it is legit or scam as well as how you can earn.

In this spin700 review, we will be answering the various questions pertaining to spin700, the various ways of earning money from the platform and finally, answer the very important question which most people are concerned about which is how legit spin700 is. So without wasting much of your time, let’s get down to the reason for publishing this review.

About Spin700

Spin700 as previously stated is an online earning platform that gives users an opportunity to earn money from simply playing spin games. There are many games on spin700 but most of them are based on luck, so your expertise doesn’t come into play here. The games available on the platform are solely based on luck, so you can only win by trying out to see the one that actually has a higher win rate.

Games Available on Spin700

Spin700 review

  • Crazy 777
  • Super 777
  • Blazing jackpot
  • Crazy fruits
  • Shining 777
  • Spin and win
  • Lucky 777
  • Jingle fruit

Actually there are numerous games available on the platform and you can equally earn from them depending on how lucky you are. But the ones mentioned in this article are the popular ones you can try out if you’re interested.

Ways of Earning Money On Spin700

There are two main ways of earning money on the platform and they are as follows;

1. Playing the spin games – there are many spin games on the platform and playing the games is one sure way of earning extra revenue. It’s the primary way of earning on spin700, all you have to do is deposit money, click on any of the games that you feel is suitable or with a higher win-rate and start playing to earn extra.

If you are looking for a way to make money on spin700, then picking one of the games is your surest option.

2. The second effective means of earning on the website is by referring active users. The affiliate program otherwise known as spin700 referral program is rewarding because you earn 5% from your referrals stake. Once your referrals stake money in the course of playing games, you earn 5% and 2% from your second level referrals.

So the referral system is level based, thus people with huge team can earn a lot of money from spin700, especially when the referrals are very active and interested in earning more.

Spin700 Sign Up Process

If you want to start earning money on spin700, then the first step should be to create an account. To do this, click on their website and fill the sign up form.

Your phone number and password are the two details needed for sign up after which, you will be logged into the main dashboard to start playing games.

Click on My Page on your dashboard and tap on Top Up, proceed to deposit money into the acct shown to you. The deposit takes around 2-5 mins to arrive.

Then select any of the games, preferably crazy 777 or Super 777, stake low i.e. The minimum stake amount which is 200 naira and start playing.

How to Withdraw

Spin700 withdrawal proof

To withdraw money from spin700, click on my page and then on Cash out when you have earned up to 2,000 naira and above and submit your acct details. After submitting your account details, go ahead and withdraw. The payment will be instantly credited to your local bank account.

Spin700 Review – Is spin700.com Legit Or Scam?

I know you must be wondering if spin700 is real or scam, so allow me to answer the question for the sake of this spin700 review. The platform actually pays but since it’s based on how lucky a user is and not skill, it may not be funny or legit to some individuals.

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Spin700 is legit and paying at the time and as such, if you are able to win money while playing games, your withdrawal will be processed unless things get bad along the line but at the time of writing thid article, spin700 is paying.

Even though it’s paying, there are certain red and green flags every intending user should beware of and if I don’t mention those in this spin700 review, then it cannot be tagged a complete review. Below are some of my observations in summary.

Red Flags

  • The minimum deposit and withdrawal is 2,000 naira. You can’t deposit anything lower neither can you withdraw anything lower than 2,000 naira. There is also not an option to enter the amount you wish to withdraw, so you must pick from the displayed withdrawal amounts. It’s ether 2,000 or 5,000 and so on. This is not safe and it’s a major red flag.
  • There is no welcome bonus or demo mode for users to better understand the platform they are about to get into. It’s a red flag because you have to use your own money to test or try out whatever it is you want to do.
  • Spin700 doesn’t have a telegram community where users can hear from the administrators directly. So you’re left with the website livechat support.

Green Flags

  • Payment is instant. I personally placed withdrawals and received the money in split seconds. So when it comes to payment, there is absolutely no delay. It may change in the future but I must state what I noticed when I tried spin700 out.
  • The win-rate is high for some games such as Crazy 777, I deposited 2,000 naira and earned 4,000 naira immediately which I withdrew. So I would advise any new user to play crazy777 for now as that game really impressed me.
  • The livechat support is very active. When I deposited money, there was slight delay in the money reflecting, so I messaged the support team and the response was swift.


Spin700 is a casino website no matter how we look at it and such websites are not without risk. So if you are going to deposit money on the platform, ensure the amount deposited is what you can afford to lose. Don’t be swayed into it by the testimonies or wins of other users or someone looking for who to refer for additional bonuses.

Thanks, we’ve come to the end of this spin700 review! Feel free to share and join our telegram channel and group for more interesting online money making reviews.

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