Sproxil Airtime Survey: Get Free 1000 Naira On Your Line

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Did you know that you can get free 1000 naira airtime on your MTN and Airtel line when you complete sproxil Survey? Sproxil is a malaria drug that is currently giving away free airtime to customers who purchase the drugs and send the code on the packet to 38353 for confirmation of the drug authenticity.

But if you have not purchased the drug before, how would you know what the code looks like or even participate in the airtime giveaway from sproxil? Not to worry that’s the purpose of writing this article. You will be finding out how to get free 1000 naira airtime on your MTN and Airtel sims when you complete the survey.

Under normal circumstances, the airtime survey is meant for people who purchase the malaria drug but we discovered that you could also get the airtime by predicting the possible codes that may be written on the packet of the medicine and sending it to the number you’re supposed to send it to for verification. Without wasting more of your time, let’s get started as soon as possible!

How to Get Free Airtime On MTN and Airtel From Sproxil Airtime Survey

Sproxil Airtime Survey free 1000 naira

Simply pick up your phone, copy this code – 2986238042694

Change the last three digits to something else and head to your messages. For instance, you can change it to 2986238042541 and send to 38353, if it doesn’t work, keep retrying.

Open the messages and paste the code with the new three digit codes you guessed and then send to 38353. You will get a response from the number immediately stating if the code is correct, wrong or expired.

If the code you sent to them is correct, you will be instantly sent a link to complete the 1,000 naira survey. Upon completion of the brief survey, you will be credited with 1000 naira airtime from sproxil.

How to accumulate sproxill free airtime

Sproxil free airtime survey

There is no way to accumulate it on one sim because they only send the survey link to a line once. But you can Accumulate it if you have many MTN sims.

It works best on MTN lines, most of the people on my group have gotten theirs and if you are able to predict the right codes, you will also be rewarded!

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Note, don’t stop trying! Keep changing the last three digits of the initial number you copied from this article.

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