Steps On How to Create A WhatsApp Bot In 2023

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Activating WhatsApp bot in 2022

Do you know that you can activate a WhatsApp bot to reduce the workload of having to manually delete links, remove users and also manage the group? The essence of having a WhatsApp bot is that, you will be able to manage your big group without being stressed out so much.

For some time now, people have been in the dark regarding how to create their own personal WhatsApp bot, so in this piece, we are going to have a look at how to create a WhatsApp bot in 2023. It was working fine sometime last year before everything changed and bots stopped but now, it’s back and here is a very simple explanation.

What Are The Requirements For Activating A WhatsApp Bot In 2023?

1. Two smart phones or devices such as laptop and a phone.

2. A heroku account which can be created directly on Heroku

3. A Git Hub account which can also be created directly on GitHub

Those are the requirements for creating a personal WhatsApp bot, make sure you create and validate/ activate your accounts on the aforementioned websites especially GitHub and heroku because without them, there is no way a bot can be created.

Once you have these requirements, the next step would be to dive into the main process of creating a bot.

How to Set Up A WhatsApp Bot On Your Account

1. Click on the link to create the Bot directly on GitHub

2. Click on the first bot on the page and scroll down to where you will see ‘Scan‘. Then click on the scan button and open your WhatsApp account and click on linked devices, then scan the QR code. Note you must do this with two devices because one device will be used to open the QR code while you scan it with your WhatsApp.

2. After scanning the QR code, a message from your own WhatsApp number will be sent to your WhatsApp. Just open the message and copy your session ID. This is necessary as it will be needed while deploying the bot to heroku.

3. Go back to the GitHub page, and click on FORK, create a Fork. Just click on create, don’t touch anything, go straight to creating one.

Create a fork for WhatsApp bot

When you are done creating a fork, click on the fork created and you will be asked to enter your GitHub username before you click on ‘Deploy‘ here you will be directed to create an account on Heroku, recall that I stated it as one of the requirements. You must have a verified heroku account.

If you click on the Deploy button, you will be directed to Heroku, simply login to the account you created earlier and then start adding the necessary details on the new app being deployed.

On the page, simply enter the name you wish to call your new app as the app name. Let’s say for instance; ‘testbot1234‘ and then click on the profile icon of your heroku account, scroll down and copy the API Key.

Account settings of heroku

Copy your heroku API key plus the session ID forwarded to your DM on WhatsApp and go back to the initial App deployment page, paste the session ID in the column for it and also paste the Heroku API key you copied from your account settings in its column as well.

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On the Heroku app name, repeat the same name you entered as app-name in the first column. Then proceed to add the app to your heroku account, leave every other thing; Add and wait for the processes to be completed, when it’s done processing, click on ‘Manage App’

On the next page, simply click on the pen like button and toggle the switch to turn on the bot as shown in the screenshot below.

Turn on WhatsApp bot

Then finally click on ‘More‘ and select View logs, still allow the logs to load, this takes a couple of minutes. Immediately the logs completely load, you will receive a message from your number on WhatsApp showing that the bot is running. Below is how the WhatsApp message looks like;

WhatsApp bot running message

That’s all! I will urge you to read this slowly, it’s not actually hard but for the first time you may encounter some difficulties. As a caring person, I have also attached the video guide for people who understand things better that way.

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