Steps to Receive Calls On Another Line If Your Phone Is Low

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Call forwarding feature

Are you aware that you can receive calls on a separate device and line if your phone is low or unavailable at the moment? This is a very important feature known as call forwarding, which entails redirecting or forwarding calls to an alternative phone number on a given condition or circumstance.

If you know that at certain times your main phone line wouldn’t be reachable, you can easily set this up on your phone and all your important phone calls will be redirected to the new phone line. In as much as it’s a popular and very important feature, many android and iOS users don’t make use of it.

So in this piece for the sake of enlightenment, I am going to be walking you through on how to set up call forwarding feature on your phone to enable you receive calls on an alternate phone line when unreachable, busy or out of power. We are going to break it down based on devices, starting from Android devices.

How to Set Up Call Forwarding On Android Devices to Receive Calls On Another Line

Set up call forwarding on Android devices

1. Firstly, you need to open the Phone Application on your device, then click on the three dots or lines at the top right corner of your device (this is dependent on the device you use though, the one used for illustration is a Redmi Note 11 Device)

Receive calls on another phone line

2. Secondly, select settings and click on Calling Accounts > then you will see Call Forwarding as a separate feature on your device. It’s in most Android devices, click on call forwarding and you will see a list of options, whether to Activate it while unreachable, busy etc. It’s left for you to select the one that best suits you.

When you select either of them, it means that whenever you are unreachable, busy or when the call is unanswered for long, the call will be redirected to the new phone line, just enter the number and enable the feature.

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It’s quite easy and straightforward for Android users. There is no excuse for missing out on business calls and important information. Having examined how to set up call forwarding to enable you receive calls in another phone line for Android, let’s now delve into that of iOS devices.

How to Set Up Call Forwarding On iOS/iPhone Devices

Setting up the call forwarding feature on iOS devices can be done in two ways but in this article, we are going to be explaining the easiest way i.e. USSD method.

To set up call forwarding on your iOS device, simply dial **61*1*phonenumber#. This will forward your calls to the new phone number if you don’t answer for sometime.

To forward if you are unreachable or out of service, simply dial **62*1*phonenumber#

To forward if you are on another call or busy at the moment, simply dial **67*1*phonenumber#

That’s it for call forwarding or receiving your phone calls on a separate device. But if after setting it up, you want to deactivate it on Android, simply head back to Phone app, settings, calling accounts> call forwarding> click on the forwarding feature you enabled and turn it off.

On iOS devices, it still involves dialing some codes

Dial ##61# to disable “Forward if you are not answering”

Dial ##62# to disable “Forward if you’re unreachable”.

Dial ##67# to disable “Forward if you’re on another call”.

That’s it for the call forwarding! Feel free to join our telegram channel and WhatsApp groups for more interesting updates.


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