Surveoo Review: Answer Surveys And Earn Upto N3,600

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Surveoo is an online earning platform where users earn money daily when they complete surveys. In this surveoo review, we will be having a look at how you can make upto 3600 naira answering surveys on a daily basis. If you are the type of person who would like to make money online for free, then survey panels may be the best option for you because they give respondents the chance to make some passive income for sharing their opinions on certain things and products.

In this article we are going to have a look at how you can make upto 3600 naira daily from surveoo; a survey website that claims to pay users Upto 3600 per survey they complete. How true is this claim? We will be finding out in this piece including many other information you will be needing to effectively participate in surveoo survey website. Just sit tight and enjoy this article.

About Surveoo

Surveoo is a survey panel that was created to give users an opportunity to make some money online when they share their opinions, feedback and ideas on products and some general matters on a daily basis. As a Nigerian, the surveys are paid in naira and you can make as much as 3,600 naira per day as the survey panel claims.

How to Get Started On Surveoo Panel

  • To get started on surveoo, you need to create an account. You can create an account within 2 minutes via their official website HERE
  • After creating an account, an email will be sent to your registered email address to confirm your account registration. Click on the link sent to your email to fully verify your account and then login to start earning money.
  • On the website, you will see a notification at the top prompting you to start answering surveys. Usually there are surveys always available on the website to answer. There are few steps to also complete in order for you to earn extra bucks. The first task would be to enable push notifications and also to add the website to your phone as an application. You will be given some bonuses for the two tasks upon completion.

Surveoo Review – Is Surveoo a Legit Survey Panel?

Is surveoo legit?

Surveoo is a legit survey panel! Which means you actually get paid if you successfully reach the minimum withdrawal threshold and place withdrawal. The only downside is that, the Mimimum withdrawal amount is on the high side considering the amount each survey comes with. But that aside, regular completion of surveys will eventually fetch you just enough to place withdrawal.

Can You Earn 3600 Naira Per Survey On Surveoo? | Surveoo Review

Surveoo Review

The answer is no! The few days I’ve been on the platform, I have never been given a survey that’s up to a thousand not to mention 3600 naira. That’s just marketing aimed at brining more people into the survey panel. You won’t earn such amount but careful completion of the available surveys may fetch you close to that amount daily. But you must have completed a good number of surveys to be able to get this amount.

What’s the Mimimum Withdrawal on Surveoo?

Surveoo minimum withdrawal

The Mimimum withdrawal amount on surveoo is 10,000 naira. It is for this reason that I stated earlier that the Mimimum withdrawal is on the high side, so it may take you longer than normal to earn upto the Mimimum withdrawal unless you are very serious about the platform.

If you want to make money on surveoo, then you must be up and doing with completing surveys. Earning on survey panels can be a pain in the ass if you are not patient enough or stick to answering surveys.

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On surveoo, the survey invitations are sent to the registered email but you should also be checking on the website for available surveys so you don’t miss out on high earning opportunities.

Green Flags Of Surveoo Survey Panel

  1. Surveys are regular and also open registration, you will be shown some available surveys for which you must check your emails for the invitations. This is a good sign as lack of surveys can make you unable to reach minimum threshold
  2. Surveoo operates in our local currency and the survey payments are often decent. You should look forward to answering surveys that range between 200-500 naira.
  3. Surveoo has a fairly decent referral program where referrers earn 10% of whatever their referrals earn for life. This is not a one time thing and even though there is no bonus, you can earn more when you refer. To refer, simply click on membership and copy your referral link.

Red Flags Of Surveoo Survey Panel | Surveoo Review

  1. The minimum withdrawal amount on surveoo is 10,000 naira. This is a major red flag as it can make it impossible for some respondents to withdraw.
  2. There are ads on surveoo website. Most survey panels of this level don’t use third party advert on their websites but they have numerous ads which often interfere with the users on the platform.
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