Survey Magic App, Review & How to Earn $1.5 Instantly

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Survey magic app review

Survey magic app as the name implies is a survey platform that provides users with surveys and when they answer them, the platform rewards them with cash. It is one of the legit online applications on play store that has actually been proven to be legit; don’t get me wrong, there are many other survey sites and applications that have also been proven to be legit.

Survey magic is not different from many other survey applications you’ve probably used, the only difference could be the minimum withdrawal threshold which is quite low and the fact that you earn $1.5 dollars instantly upon sign up and completion of the demographics. In this article, we are going to have a look at a review of survey magic app and everything you need to know about the platform including the downsides.

About Survey Magic

Survey magic application is a platform that was created to give users an opportunity to earn some money simply by completing surveys on a daily basis. These surveys could be from brands that wish to know how people feel about their products. The good thing is,  you earn money on a daily basis from sharing what you think about various products or certain issues. It works in similar fashion as many other survey apps.

Who Can Join Survey Magic?

Who can join survey magic?

From what I have seen, there is no limitation in this regard. Survey magic is pretty much worldwide and as such, you can create account from anywhere in the world. I don’t know for other countries but to confirm if you are eligible for their service or survey app, simply type in survey magic on play store or Apple store and see if the app will show up.

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If it does, then you can create an account on survey magic and start completing surveys on a daily basis. Nigerians and many other users from African nations can also join survey magic.

Is Survey Magic App Available On iPhone?

Survey magic is available for iOS devices. This is kind of different from other survey apps that often restrict their membership or application availability to just android or iOS. On survey magic you can create account no matter the device you make use of. This is a plus for the platform and kind of makes it unique.

How to Create An Account On Survey Magic And Start Earning Money

To create an account on survey magic, all you need to do is download the application from Google play store or Apple store depending on your device OS. After downloading the app, proceed to sign up.

The sign up process is very easy, all it takes is your email address and name. A code will be sent to your email address, simply copy the code and paste to complete registration. Immediately you are done with registration, you will be logged into the main dashboard, where you will be shown surveys to answer and every other feature available on the app.

How to Earn $1.5 Dollars Instantly On Survey Magic App

How to earn $1.5 instantly on survey magic app

Recall that I said something about earning $1.5 instantly and this is from the two surveys aimed at knowing about you. The main reason for this is to ascertain whether you qualify for the demographics of the surveys that will be coming your way. This is super important and I will suggest to fill these two surveys genuinely, fill something that projects you as a rich and highly influential person in the society.

Reason being that, the higher your profile in most cases, the more surveys you’d qualify for in the long run. I believe we are not new to survey platforms and the rate at which they disqualify people from surveys. This can be prevented from the outset if you set a high and standard profile.

So ensure you fill the profile surveys well after which, you will be rewarded with $1.5 which makes the work easier for you. In my opinion, this is a plus for survey magic considering that many other survey sites wouldn’t even give you a penny for completing profile surveys and the survey is very brief; in less than 5 minutes you should be done.

Minimum Withdrawal On Survey Magic App

Survey magic minimum withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal amount on survey magic is $5 and this can be withdrawn via two means. One of which is via Visa card or Amazon gift card. You can also withdraw to your PayPal account but the former sounds better due to the PayPal account limitations on some users in certain African countries, prominent of which is Nigeria.

So you can always withdraw your revenue via the gift card option but this can only be done when you have up to $5 in your available balance. But this wouldn’t be a big deal since you have already earned $1.5 from filling profile surveys.

Is Survey Magic Legit?

Survey magic is a legit survey app that actually pays it’s respondents real cash for completing surveys. The reviews on play store are mixed but overall, it’s over 4 star rating.

The platform actually pays but the downside or what I would call a slight disadvantage of using survey magic app is, the surveys don’t fetch you much money and considering that you only earn by completing surveys, not everyone will be patient enough to use the platform.

Unlike what is obtainable on many other survey apps and websites, survey magic doesn’t have a referral program. This is bad and probably one of the reasons for it’s less popularity amount survey lovers.

That’s all there is to know about survey magic! If you enjoyed this article, feel free to share and also join our telegram channel and group. We post updates on a daily basis.

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