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Do you know that you can earn $1 per survey completed on For one to be successful long term when it comes to making some passive income from surveys, there is need to be patient. But the good thing about is that, you get to withdraw instantly after completing each survey.

Before we get down to how to start earning some money from surveytime, there is need for us to have a background knowledge of

What is

Surveytime is a survey platform run by – a global mobile ad-tech company that works with world’s largest market research companies in order to provide direct and exclusive survey campaigns. To be honest, it is the only survey platform that offers panellists the opportunity to earn instantly without having to accumulate points.

Having known what is and their mode of operation i.e. payment plan, let’s get down to how to start earning on surveytime.

How to Start Earning Money On

Surveytime survey alert

Surveytime is like any other survey platform you have probably operated on but the only difference is the instant payment and also the fact that you get to answer surveys without VPN. You can register as a Nigerian or from any country and start answering surveys to earn some money.

First of all, you need to sign up Surveytime Official website 

There is no referral program, so just sign up, fill your correct details and answer the profile surveys that will be shown to you. The initial profile survey is meant to understand the kind of person you are and to know the type of surveys you should be eligible for. So make sure you don’t fabricate anything, answer genuinely to avoid being disqualified.

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Sometimes after registering, you might be shown a $1 survey instantly, answer accurately and place withdrawal as soon as possible. The platform is relatively flexible and after registering and completing the initial surveys, you will be given the opportunity to enable push notifications, that way you wouldn’t easily miss any future surveys.

What’s the Payment System On like? payment proof

Like I’ve mentioned a couple of times in this article, you get to earn instantly on surveytime. After completing the available survey, you will be rewarded with $1 or more depending on the survey completed.

You can withdraw the $1 through Bitcoin i.e. via Coinbase or you can decide to withdraw via PayPal or e-gift card. It all boils down to your personal preference but for people in this part of the world, the best option would either be Bitcoin if you have a Coinbase account or via gift card.

Is Legit or Scam?

According to various trustworthy sources and offline sources, is actually legit and not scam. It is paying and the surveys often come as a push notification via the browser you use as long as the option for notifications is enabled. So enjoy your passive income from surveytime.

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