Surveyflix Review: Answer Simple Surveys And Get Free Airtime

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Surveyflix review: How to get free airtime is a survey platform that is available for most African countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana and Uganda. It works in similar way as most survey platforms you have probably worked with, the only difference is that, surveyflix is basically for Africans in the aforementioned countries.

Now in this blog post, we are not just going to have a look at how you can start earning or getting free airtime from surveyflix but also going to cover such areas as; how surveyflix works, surveyflix referral program, surveyflix withdrawal process, countries that are eligible to participate in surveyflix and many other important aspects that should guide your participation in the platform. Without wasting much time, lets get started with how surveyflix works proper.

How Does Surveyflix Work?

Like I stated in the beginning part of this post, surveyflix is a survey platform that rewards its respondents with bonus points that can be redeemed as either airtime or monetary benefits(coming soon). As a surveyflix respondent, all you have to do is watch out for surveys either the ones you are invited via mail to complete or the one you see on the website. Sometimes the surveys even come in form of SMS and calls for which the bonus points to be received from such surveys will be stated upon commencement of the survey.

How Can You Start Getting Free Airtime On Surveyflix?

It’s as simple as ABC, unlike many other survey platforms, you don’t need a virtual private network to access surveys on the surveyflix website. All you have to do is complete surveys diligently and truthfully and you will be rewarded with points. Follow the instructions below to get onboarded on surveyflix platform;

  • Sign up on, the registration is quite brief and straightforward
  •  After signing up, you’d be required to verify your email address, simply click on the link sent to your email in order to fully verify your account and start enjoying the benefits that come with having a surveyflix account.
  • When you are done with the sign up process, you can check the page to see if there are available surveys, don’t answer or complete surveys with 0 point. Make sure any survey you are about completing has some reward points to avoid wasting your time.
  • You will be given 5 points upon registration and confirmation of your email address.

That’s it for the onboarding process on surveyflix platform. Now all you have to do is wait for surveys, their surveys are super regular and you can hardly miss the surveys since mails are often sent whenever any survey is available.

How Does The Surveyflix Referral Program Work?

Like every other survey platform, surveyflix has a referral incentive for users who may be interested in referring their friends and family members to the platform.

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As a referrer, you receive 5 points for each referral and the person also gets rewarded with 5 points upon registration. That’s making it a win-win for the parties involved. Referring is a faster way of accumulating bonus points

100 points on Surveyflix is equivalent to a dollar or 1 USD.

What’s the Minimum Withdrawal on Surveyflix?

The minimum withdrawal on surveyflix is 1 USD i.e. 100 points and you can easily earn this amount from just one survey. Sometimes they send surveys worth $2 and above and if you are able to complete them, you would almost be sure of your bonus and withdrawal.

How to redeem airtime on

Currently, the only withdrawal method is via airtime purchase and it takes approximately 72 hours after redemption for your airtime to arrive. You can easily redeem by clicking on the three lines and then on redemption > redemption list, then add redemption when you have gotten at least 100 points.

Is Surveyflix Real or Scam?

Surveyflix withdrawal proof

Surveyflix is completely legit! This means that as long as you genuinely answered the surveys, you will be credited with your redemption amount. At least you can see the withdrawal proof from the screenshot attached above.

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