Sweat Wallet $1 Usdt: Answer A Quiz And Get Yours

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Sweat wallet is currently giving away $1 Usdt bonus to all users who complete a simple quiz on the platform! Sweat wallet was created by sweatcoin to enable users store their sweatcoin easily and also transact with it seamlessly. But now they are giving away free withdrawable 1 usdt and to get it, simply follow the steps in this piece.

In this article, we are going to have a look at how to get free $1 Usdt bonus on sweat wallet by answering a brief quiz. We are not just going to be finding out how you can get this bonus but also going to attach the quiz answers to aid your receipt of this bonus but before then, let’s find out more about sweat wallet and what you stand to gain from using it.

About Sweat Wallet

Sweat wallet app

Sweat Wallet is your entry point to Sweat Economy.

The easiest way to walk into crypto. With no payment required, anyone can start minting SWEAT, a cryptocurrency, with their steps.

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In the Sweat Wallet, you can stake your SWEAT in Grow Jars to earn a returns and various rewards. Some of the rewards you can get from sweat wallet are as follows;

  • Stake SWEAT to earn rewards!
  • Rewards have different levels. The more you stake, the better rewards you can access.
  • Crypto prizes – NFTs & Metaverse items
  • Gift vouchers to bluechip brands – Amazon, Nike, Adidas
  • Event tickets – major sport events, concerts and more

Community Benefits

  • Stablecoins – coming soon

Additional features of Sweat wallet

  • One-click log in
  • Transfer – send SWEAT to others
  • Battle against friends using Sweat Hero

That’s pretty much, all you need to know about sweat wallet, the next step is to how you can earn the free $1 Usdt bonus on the wallet.

How to Get Free $1 Usdt On Sweat Wallet

How to get sweat wallet $1 Usdt bonus

  • Download sweat wallet from either Play store or App Store and login to your already existing account or create a new account if you don’t have an exiting account.
  • Then on the dashboard of your account, click on Learn, then you will see the option to answer a quiz for free $1 Usdt at the top of the application dashboard.
  • Click on it to answer the quiz but before you attempt the quiz, make sure you have gone through the quiz answers attached to this article so you don’t fail.
  • After completing the quiz, you will be rewarded with $1 Usdt bonus on your sweat wallet that can be withdrawn using Binance.

Quiz Answers For Sweat Wallet Free $1 Usdt

Sweat wallet free $1 Usdt bonus

As promised, you can access the quiz answers on this article to enable you easily attempt the questions.

Q1 answer: Because they are expected to be stable with an asset they are pegged to

Q2 Answer: Fiat-backed, by USD and similar assets

Q3 Answer: Third

Q4 Answer: Tether

Q5 Answer: All of the above

Master the answers to each question before attempting the quiz and then complete it to get your share of the free $1 Usdt bonus.

How to Withdraw $1 Usdt From Sweat Wallet

How to withdraw $1 Usdt from sweat wallet to Binance

To withdraw the bonus, you must have a Binance account, login to your account, and copy your Usdt wallet address. While copying the address, ensure you pick NEAR as the network as that is the only address that can be used to withdraw from sweat wallet.

Copy your Usdt NEAR wallet address and paste to withdraw your $1 Usdt from sweat wallet.

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