Sweatcoin Spin and Win: Earn More Sweatcoin Daily Without Walking

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Have you heard about the sweatcoin spin and win offer that was recently added to enable users accumulate more sweatcoin for less stress? As we all know, sweatcoin is a tracker application that rewards users when they walk on a daily basis and the coin accumulate could either be sold to vendors or be converted on some exchanges to Usdt. We have an article that explains how to convert sweatcoin to Usdt.

In this article, we are going to have a look at the sweatcoin spin and win promo and how it can be utilized to get unlimited sweatcoin on a daily basis. In the past, sweatcoin used to be valueless but ever since they launched fully, people see it as an interesting and cost free way of earning some bucks.

Though the main way of earning used to be by walking as the app counts steps but of recent they have added new ways which includes spin and win offer. But how can you access the spin and win offer? Let’s get down to that by introducing sweatcoin and some of the Apps main features for people who are just hearing or reading about it for the first time.

About Sweatcoin App

About sweatcoin app

Sweatcoin as the name implies is a digital tracker that records steps we make on a daily basis. But what makes it special is that, the app records some sweatcoin for you as you walk on a daily basis, so you are literally making some side income from walking around from place to place. Imagine a scenario where you earn for going about your day-to-day activities? That’s crazy right?

Features of Sweatcoin App 

  • Pedometer: Sweatcoin will run in the background, wasting no battery, to count your steps as a distance tracker and pacer.
  • Marketplace: Get exclusive offers for free, prizes and discounts that you will not find anywhere else.
  • Security: Sweatcoin uses its own algorithm to count your steps. That means that, unlike other apps, we don’t track your location and we don’t have to share any information with a third party. Your data is only yours (and will always be!).

Ways Of Accumulating Sweatcoin without Walking

Sweatcoin spin and win

  1.  The Referral Program – this is one easy way of accumulating sweatcoin without walking. The reason is, for each person you refer to the sweatcoin app, you get rewarded with free 5 sweatcoin, so if you’re able to refer alot of people, you would end up making much more than someone who primarily intends to accumulate the coins by just walking or trekking.
  • Additionally, they recently Introduced the influencer hub; an incentive plan for people who actively refer. So apart from accumulating sweatcoin, you also stand a high chance of getting paid in real dollars for referring a certain number of people. You will be earning both ways for referring or bringing friends to use the sweatcoin app via your referral link.
  • Walking – this is the conventional way of earning or accumulating sweatcoin and it is stress-free if you are the type of person who has alot of walking about to do on a daily basis. As long as you have granted the sweatcoin app all permissions on required for it to effectively count your steps, you’d have nothing else to worry about. The more steps recorded, the more sweats for you.

How to complete daily steps to get free sweatcoin daily

  •  Watching Ads – this is another way of accumulating sweatcoin and the thing is, it is compulsory if you wish to also partake in the sweatcoin spin and win. All it takes is completing the three daily tasks required for you to claim extra sweatcoin and then proceed to spin for more. The sweatcoin spin and win promo is just directly below the three tasks (viewing ads) you have to complete daily.

Then finally, the spin and win which literally doubles or triples whatever you got from the three tasks completed. They have added many ways for users to accumulate more sweatcoin and to be honest, this is a one of the most interesting one.

How to Start Accumulating Sweatcoin Daily

Download Sweatcoin from either Play store or Apple Store as the application is available on both OS.

– After downloading the app, proceed to create an account and then start grant it all permissions required for effective recording of your steps and then scroll down on the homepage to see the three tasks to complete daily and the option to spin and win.

– Complete the three tasks which are to view adverts and then proceed to multiply it with as much as possible with the spin and win feature. Users are given three slots to spin on a daily basis and as such, participating daily will certainly boost your sweat.

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