Task4fun Review – Is Task4fun.com.ng Legit? Find Out!

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Task4fun Review

Task4fun as the name implies is an online earning platform where users complete some tasks and earn some money. There are numerous task websites, so there is need to be sure the one you’re about signing up for is legit or scam and that is the reason for publication of this task4fun Review.

In this review of task4fun, you will be finding out if the task4fun is legit or scam?, how to sign up on the platform and the possible green and red flags of task4fun. In summary, we will be having a deep look at what task4fun is all about for those who are considering to sign up and start earning on the platform. Without wasting time, let’s get down to the full business.

About Task4fun

Task4fun as already mentioned is an online task earning website where users complete assigned tasks and earn money online. The idea of task4fun is not unique because we have seen many similar websites launch and crash within some weeks or months. But then, it doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t pay for a little while before crashing.

What task4fun does for users is to show them tasks that can be completed in order to earn some cents. The prize tag or amount to earn from each task is shown beside the task and majority of the tasks on task4fun has to do with creating an account on a website and the tasks will take users roughly 15-30 seconds to complete before they earn the fixed amount.

Incase you’re wondering the kind of tasks available on task4fun, below is a screenshot of the tasks you can complete to earn some money from the platform.

Task4fun Review – Is Task4fun.com.ng Legit Or Scam?

Task4fun tasks

Task4fun is legit for now but I don’t think it will be the case for a long while. Reason is, most online earning platforms tend to crash within 2-3 weeks of being launched. There are other things to take note of before you conclude that the platform is legit or not.

  • Unlike many other online task earning websites, task4fun is purely a paid platform. This means, you must deposit before you can be given access to complete tasks on the website and this is dangerous considering that these websites have no known owner and as such, no one can really be held accountable should things go south.
  • Secondly, task4fun tasks have very low earning rate. You get to earn maximum of 50 Naira from a single task whereas the deposit amount is 1,000 naira, so you will have to complete numerous tasks before you can become eligible for withdrawal.
  • Task4fun has no known owner. Any website that will involve compulsory deposit from users should have a known owner or declared owner. Reason is, if you want new users who know nothing about your platform to create an account and deposit money, you should also trust them enough to reveal your identity. This is where task4fun significantly falls short on the legitimacy scale and as such, you should be wary of the platform.

How to Create An Account On Task4fun

If you are interested and willing to risk the initial deposit amount of 1,000 naira on the platform, then open Task4fun website and create an account.

The account creation process is very simple and requires no verification. So you can easily create an account without even having to use your real details. After you’re done with the account creation, you will be logged into your main dashboard with a welcome bonus of 50 Naira.

Prior to this period, the 50 Naira welcome bonus was withdrawable through airtime but they changed the rules as users trooped in, which is another indication that the platform is not to be trusted fully. Online earning platforms like task4fun can always change rules without prior notice to users because they can’t be held accountable for anyone’s loss(es).

Click on the three lines at the top right corner, to access the numerous services on the website. Tap on activate if you are ready to pay in the 1,000 naira for account activation.

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Then follow the prompts to make payment, it’s advisable to make the payment through bank transfer. Avoid using your debit card for such payments to prevent financial losses or fraud. Once you’re done depositing money, the next step would be to complete tasks.

How to Complete Tasks On Task4fun

Is task4fun Legit or scam?

To start earning money on task4fun, the next step would be to start completing the tasks i.e. after your deposit has reflected. Click on the three lines again, tap on tasks and then start completing the tasks to earn.

From what I saw on the task page, the highest earning from a task is 50 Naira, so you’d have to complete alot of tasks to earn good money from task4fun. The account upgrade is for as long as the platform lasts according to the information on the website, so you upgrade once and keep “earning“.

Task4fun Referral Program

You earn 200 naira from each referral who upgrades or activates his or her own account by depositing. This is the only reasonable way of earning money on the site if you have a large audience that are willing to take this unadvisable risk.

There is no referral reward for users who haven’t upgraded or activated their accounts. So don’t expect to earn a dime from free users.

Minimum Withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal on task4fun.com.ng is 200 naira. So you must have earned up to 200 naira from tasks or referral program before you will be allowed to withdraw the money to your local bank account.

I hope you enjoyed this task4fun Review? If you have any more questions, feel Free to drop in the comment section and if you feel the review is lacking on some areas, also drop suggestions in the comment section. I will go through the comments and take corrections for future publications.


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