Taskverse Review: Earn Up to $500 Dollars Completing Tasks

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Taskverse is a ‘get-paid to’ website that you can earn upto $500 dollars by completing tasks. It is a platform put in place by people who are ridiculously interested in sourcing for freelancers and people who are very much interested in earning some bucks online by performing some tasks.

The platform is currently available in most countries of the world, which means you can earn from anywhere in the world without using any VPN. All you have to do is sign up, fill your profile information to enable them match you with tasks that are befitting of your profile and get paid.

Many of us participate in survey websites and all but the limitation is always the use of virtual private network or the issue of payment method, sadly, you can only get paid on taskverse through PayPal. But there is always a way to secure the bag as a Nigerian, so in this post, I am going to be walking you through on a review of Taskverse and how to set up your account in order to stand a chance of earning good amount of money.

What is Taskverse?

As the name implies, taskverse is a get-paid to website that provides freelancers and interested users with tasks to complete for which they get paid upon completing the tasks. The money earned from each task can be withdrawn instantly as long as the task has been approved.

Taskverse Review: How to Start Earning In Dollars

Complete tasks and earn on taskverse

There is currently no mobile application for taskverse and most of the tasks often involve the use of a personal computer but there are some tasks you can also complete using your device. Below is a step-by-step procedure on how to get started on taskverse.

1. Sign up on Taskverse Freelance platform, no very personal information is needed while signing up besides your name, email and also some demographics. Upon registration, a link will be sent to your email for verification, click on the link to get your account verified.

Taskverse registration form

2. The next step would be to fill the profile information that will enable them match you with tasks you can do. After filling the profile information, you now wait for a task.

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3. Tasks that show up often come with a price tag i.e. the amount you will be paid after completing the task. The harder tasks have higher amount but they are also complicated as well, so you should be on the look out for simple tasks even if they have lower payment.

Is Taskverse Legit And Paying?

Taskverse payment proof

Taskverse is legit and also paying. As a matter of fact, there is no minimum withdrawal, immediately you are done completing a task, you will be credited with the amount, now all that’s left for you is withdraw your revenue to the PayPal email you entered while registering.

Other Ways to Earn From Taskverse Freelance Platform

Like every other platform, taskverse has a referral program. Their referral program is slightly different from the regular ones you know because it’s not a one time payment thing. It’s not fixed as well, the amount you earn from your referrals will be dependent on the tasks the referral completes.

Let’s take for instance, if your referral completes a $100 task, you will be credited with a certain percentage for that task when he or she gets credited and it continues this way. You can even cash out close to $1000 dollars from referrals alone.

Downsides of Taskverse

  • The only payment method available is PayPal. This is disadvantageous to people in countries that have PayPal restrictions such as Nigeria.
  • Taskverse is not yet grounded and as such, the tasks are not always available. It might take a long time before you get any tasks.


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