TGM Panel Nigeria Review: Complete Surveys & Win Free Airtime And Gift Cards

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TGM Panel is a survey website that belongs to a global market research supplier known as TGM research FZE. TGM Panel conducts surveys on the internet or mobile on behalf of the leading market research companies. Most surveys are often converting a wide range of topics such as products, brands, advertisement as well as other topics that are of general interest.

As a respondent on TGM Panel Nigeria you can earn as much as $10 in gift codes which can be redeemed as gift cards and many other amazing prizes. In this article, we are going to have a look at tgm panel review, how to get free airtime and gift cards simply by answering or completing surveys on a daily basis. Without wasting much time, let’s get down to the main purpose of writing this piece.

About TGM Panel Nigeria

TGM panel Nigeria is a survey website that provides users with surveys on various topics, brands and products for which, respondents earn free points which can be converted to cash rewards, airtime and gift codes on the website. Unlike many survey panels, tgm has a very interesting point system conversion rate. If you earn 1 point on TGM, it means $1 and 10 points is equivalent to $10. Isn’t that amazing?

Is TGM Panel Nigeria Legit or Scam?

Is TGM panel Nigeria legit or scam?

TGM panel is one of the legit survey websites with a global audience. If you want to make passive income with your phone simply by answering surveys, then I would suggest you sign up on TGM as the surveys are regular as long as you fill your profile surveys genuinely, the platform will match you with numerous surveys to answer.

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Another wonderful thing about TGM panel is that, you get to earn money on a survey site without the use of virtual private network. As we all know, this has always been a party pooper for most people who are interested in online surveys but with TGM, you have absolutely nothing to be worried about. No VPN is needed, just sign up with the Nigerian link going to be attached in this piece and you should be fine.

How to Get Free Airtime & Gift Cards On TGM Panel Daily

TGM panel review

Now to get free airtime and gift codes which can be used to purchase gift cards, you need to create an account and complete the profile surveys. To do these, follow the instructions below;

  • Sign up on TGM panel Nigeria and make sure you use an active email address as that is where most emails pertaining your account would be forwarded. Tgm doesn’t have any application, so there is little to nothing required of you to start earning.

TGM registration mail

  • After creating an account, go to your mail box, click on the link sent to it and verify your account, then login and complete the profile surveys. So you don’t end up surprised, there is need to know that the profile surveys are kind of lengthy, but answering them is necessary if you really want to enjoy your stay on the platform

Tgm panel profile surveys

  • If your profile matches the demographics the market research companies that work with TGM desire, you will be getting steady surveys to complete and more chances to earn. Remember that something as little as one point is equivalent to a dollar.

When you are done filling the profile surveys, the next thing is to enable notifications on your Gmail app and wait for invitations or you can log into your profile on a daily basis to sew if there is a paid survey available.

Other Ways of Earning On TGM panel

The good thing about TGM panel is that, there are other ways of earning apart from the conventional survey completion method. Yoh can earn additional points when you refer friends and family members to sign up on the platform with your referral link.

Download – Guide on Setting Up Profile Demographics For Surveys 

When they sign up, you don’t get credited with points immediately but you will enjoy 20% of their earnings. So the more your referral earns, the higher bonus you receive. This inflates your earnings and puts TGM way ahead of many other survey panels when it comes to earning metrics. So there is practically no excuse for not creating an account.

Minimum Withdrawal On TGM panel Nigeria

The minimum withdrawal on TGM panel is $1.90 which you can use to buy airtime from the survey site instantly. In order not to stop users from getting reward for their sweat, you can withdraw anything below $10 via airtime and anything above $10 can be withdrawn via gift card.

So everyone earns on TGM panel! Feel free to share and join our telegram channel and group for more interesting updates.


TGM Panel belongs to global market research supplier – TGM Research FZE. TGM Panel conducts surveys on the Internet or Mobile on behalf of leading market research companies. Surveys are covering a wide range of topics like products, brands, advertisements as well as other topics of general interest. Market researchers from businesses, agencies, education, and media contact us to gather information and opinions from our panelists.

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