Timart Business App: Earn Upto 50k By Referring Friends

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Timart is a business and Book keeping App that users can leverage on to earn upto 50k when they refer other business people to the application. Upon Registration, you get rewarded with 200 points which is equivalent and you can also boost this points by referring new users to the application.

In this post, we are going to be having a look at the full details about the Timart Business and Book Keeping application and how you can earn as much as 50k or even more simply by referring friends and family members to the application. But before we get down to the main point of writing this piece, let’s have a look at what Timart is all about beyond the money making aspect.

What is Timart Application?

Timart like I have mentioned severally is a business management and bookkeeping application that makes managing businesses easier for business people.

You can manage your business track sales, expenses, inflow and also control inventory and recover debts faster when you make use of the Timart Application. So besides the money making aspect, it is a free and veritable tool business men and women can utilise to better manage their businesses.

Now to the freebie aspect, to get more users, Timart recently launched a referral program that rewards users with 300 points when their friends and loved ones register with their unique referral code, create a business, verify phone number and complete some other steps. Just keep reading to find out everything about Timart and how you can start earning good money from the referral program.

How to Earn Upto 50k From Timart Application By Referring New Users

1. Download The Timart App And Sign up Via This Link if there is need to enter the referral code, simply paste this code – AC4C9WF

2. After registering with your real phone number and email address, you will be shown the main page, simply click on Create a Business and enter your business details. If you don’t have a business name yet, simply fabricate any fancy name that you will like your business if you will ever have one to have.

3. When you are done creating a business, you will be taken to the main page, click on the phone number verification option and enter the code sent to your phone. Then complete the following tasks to start getting points.

  • add expenditure
  • add products
  • add sales
  • add inventory
  • add customer transaction


Watch this video to learn how to complete the steps easily and earn full bonus. Note that all your referrals have to do same.

As you complete the simple tasks, you will be credited with 50 points for each totalling 200 Points which is equivalent to 200 Naira. Now what you have to do is start referring friends and family members to the Timart App to stand a chance to go home with 50k or more.

How to Start Referring On Timart Business Application

Earn Upto 50k from Timart Business Application

Now click on More > Refer and Earn to access your referral page, copy your referral code or share your referral link to friends and family members and earn 300 points when your referrals register, verify phone and also complete the above simple tasks. They will be given 200 Naira while you would be credited with 300 Naira.

Continue the process to earn as much as possible from Timart Business Application. Do you know another interesting aspect? There is a little way to self refer for people who don’t have much friends to introduce to the platform.

To self refer on Timart Business Application and earn to your satisfaction, simply follow the steps below;

✓✓ Download App Cloner Pro Mod

✓✓ Before you clone the Timart Business Application, simply navigate to privacy options and change IMEI and Android ID

Self refer on Timart Business App

✓✓ When you are done doing this, go ahead and batch clone the Timart Application as many times as you wish as long as you have enough Sims to create many accounts.

That’s how to self refer on Timart Business App and earn well if you don’t have many business friends or find it difficult to convince people to join something. Enjoy!

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