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Time app review

Time App is a mobile application that was created to encourage people to get back a form of reward for the data spent on a daily basis. The more data you spend the more freescoins you accumulate which in turn can be used to purchase airtime, data and many other bill payments on the app.

In this article, we are going to have a look at a  review of time app, how to get free airtime daily from time app, free data and get enough freescoins for all bill payments on the app. If you are wondering what the app is all about, still hang around as we will be unveiling everything about this innovative application with an interesting technology has in stock for everyone.

About Time App

Time App is owned by Prinstech LLC and it was developed to address two major problems in the world of internet and telecommunication. According to the information on the application, the first problem is the issue of insufficient airtime and data to reach one’s loved ones. As we all know, many people often have issues reaching their loved ones due to lack of airtime and what have you.

The second problem, the app was developed to address is the lack of resources to pay some bills. Time app provides an opportunity for every user to get enough freescoins that could be used to make payments on the application and there are three methods of mining freescoins and they are as follows;

  • Videos Ads Watch mining
  • Survey response mining
  • Web search mining

Video ads mining – users are required to watch the video adverts on the platform. Most of the videos last for just few seconds and after watching the ads, you get rewarded with freescoins which can either be withdrawn as airtime or left to gain more value.

Survey Response mining – users complete surveys on the time app and for each completed survey, they get rewarded with freescoins. This is a more interesting feature or method of mining but it’s left for you to pick the most suitable.

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Web search mining or referral program – this entails referring users to the time app for a chance to earn 5% of whatever they accumulate for life i.e. for as long as the time app lasts, you get rewarded with the stated percentage of whatever they earn.

Some of the interesting benefits of time app include but not limited to;

  1. Free airtime for calls and dataPaying your electricity bill
  2. Converting to cash in the future and many more
  3. Easier to buy airtime than using USSD or buying from a physical seller or even from your bank
  4. As a referrer you sleep while your FSC is pilling up

Having known some of the basic and important details about this app, let’s get down to how you can accumulate free airtime on a daily basis or better put freescoins daily for a chance to either pay bills or buy airtime free or charge. But before that, allow me to explain what freescoins is to avoid ambiguity.

What are Freescoins?

Freescoins is Time App token that is given to users for completing the above tasks. The more tasks you complete, the more coins you earn and this coin can be used to settle bills without adding a dime of your own money. This is exactly the problem, time app intends to solve in the world and if you take the app very seriously, you’d be able to earn alot of freescoins simply by streaming video ads or completing surveys.

How to Register And Start Getting Free Airtime On Time App Daily

  • Firstly, you need to download Time App from play store. Currently, the application is not available on iOS, so only android users can enjoy what the platform has to offer pending when it will be available on Apple Store.
  • After downloading the application, proceed to sign up with your details and when asked to enter a referral code, simply copy and paste this code – gistrealz1109
  • When you are done with the sign up process, you will be taken to the main dashboard to complete tasks. There you will see the option to stream video ads or survey and also the option to refer people to the time app.

How to Complete Tasks Daily

How to watch video ads on time app

To watch video ads, simply click on video tool and allow it to load, then click on any of the options that shows a green indication sign to watch a short video ad. After watching the ad, you will be rewarded with freescoins.

How to get free airtime from time app

If you wish to complete surveys, simply tap on the survey tool. The easiest task is streaming the video ads or referring others but for you to earn anything reasonable from Time App, the people you referred must accumulate reasonable freescoins.

Is Time App Legit or Scam?

Time app is legit! The moment you have accumulated enough freescoins, you can place withdrawal at any time. Though, this may change in the future but for now, time app is paying and legit! Feel free to accumulate enough freescoins and use it to pay bills.

How to Use Freescoins to Buy Airtime On Time App

How to buy airtime on time app with freescoins

To buy airtime with your freescoins on time app, simply click on services on the app and proceed to purchase your airtime depending on the number of freescoins you have in your balance. You can accumulate as many as possible simply by streaming short video ads.

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