Tonk Network App: Refer, Play Games to Earn Free Crypto

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How to earn crypto on tonk network app

Tonk network app otherwise known as the tonkrefer is a telegram bot that gives users an opportunity to accumulate free tonk tokens when they refer and also play games on a daily basis. Tonkrefer Bot has been going on for a while and due to how long people have been asking for a full breakdown of how the platform, I’ve decided to explain every single detail about the tonk network app for interested people.

In this article, we will be having a look at how you can start earning free crypto on a daily basis by using the tonk network app otherwise known as the tonkrefer bot and also, we will be finding out if the tonkrefer bot is legit or scam i.e. if it actually pays or not. So without wasting much time, let’s get started with the main aim of writing this article.

About Tonk Network App (Tonkrefer Bot)

The tonk network app is a bot embedded on telegram with an opportunity for users to earn free tonk tokens which can either be stored or converted to TON and withdrawn to an external wallet.

There is no condition or added rules associated with the tonk network app, if you have a telegram account, you’re automatically eligible to participate in the referral campaign and also accumulate the tonk token via playing games. But before we go further, it is important to know what tonk is and possibly the idea behind the token.

What is Tonk?

What is Tonk?

According to the information on their official website, Tonk is the first social token on the TON blockchain. The token is not currently listed on exchanges but there is speculation that it will be officially listed on the 29th of February. Of recent, there’s been less focus on when it will be listed, so we can’t really say when the token will be listed confidently.

Since the token has not been listed at the moment, the only way to get or earn the token is by utilizing their tonk refer bot. Using the app, building your network and playing games will fetch you alot of tonk which you can either convert to TON or leave it in your wallet pending the official launch of the token.

How to Start Earning Crypto (Tonk) On The Tonk Network App

Like I said, you must have a telegram account, if you do, simply click on this Link to start the connection of the tonkrefer bot and join their telegram channel and group.

Complete verification after joining and proceed to launch the tonk network app, there you will find your referral link. Copy and share to friends and family members.

You earn from the activities of your referrals. When they play games, you earn tonk and also if they refer actively, you earn up to the 15th level. Below is a breakdown of the levels of referral commission you can earn on the tonkrefer bot;

  • Level 1 => Earning 12500.0
  • Level 2 => Earning 11700.0
  • Level 3 => Earning 10800.0
  • Level 4 => Earning 10000.0
  • Level 5 => Earning 9199.999999999998
  • Level 6 => Earning 8300.000000000002
  • Level 7 => Earning 7500.0
  • Level 8 => Earning 6700.0
  • Level 9 => Earning 5800.0
  • Level 10 => Earning 5000.0
  • Level 11 => Earning 4200.0
  • Level 12 => Earning 3300.0
  • Level 13 => Earning 2500.0
  • Level 14 => Earning 1700.0
  • Level 15 => Earning 800.0

So building your network on the bot is a very sustainable way or means of accumulating enough tonk tokens without hassles.

How to Play Games On Tonkrefer Bot

Tonk Network App games

Click on Launch Tonk Network App on the telegram bot, it will load a more detailed page for you to access the various features on the tonkrefer bot.

There you will see the two available games on the bot namely; the Flappy tonk and tic tac toe. You can play any of the games to accumulate crypto on a daily basis even if you can’t refer people to the platform. But even while at this, endeavour to refer a few people as that’s a nice and easy way of rapidly accumulating the withdrawable token.

How to Withdraw From Tonkrefer Bot (Tonk Network App)

Launch the network app on telegram, then you scroll down on the homepage to Convert Tonk to TON

Enter the amount of tonk you wish to withdraw and paste your TON address, then you submit and wait for payment. Withdrawals are done in phases, so you can’t just withdraw until a new phase starts for withdrawal, thus the reason why you must follow their X handle for latest news and updates regarding when new phases will start but it doesn’t take time.

You can download My TON Wallet from Play store or Apple store, create a wallet and use it for withdrawals.

Is Tonkrefer Bot Legit Or Scam?

Is tonkrefer bot legit or scam?

Tonk Network App is completely legit. I have withdrawn thrice from the platform and also accumulated enough tonk token incase it gets listed with a good starting price. It’s actually built on the TON blockchain and all withdrawals are usually processed within a day of placing it.

Though there are some red flags or unpleasantries I noticed and they have to do with the conversion rate from tonk to TON. It appears it’s determined by the administrators at the moment and as such, it fluctuates depending on the phase currently going on. Withdrawals are done in phases. You have to wait for a phase to start before you can convey from TOnk to TON but the conversion rate is also dependent on the current phase.

So you may find yourself receiving $10 for 1 million tonk and the next phase receiving $1.5 or $2 for same amount of tonk. This is a major red flag and it annoyed the hell out of me when I withdrew almost all my tokens only for me to receive something unreasonable in my TON wallet.

Secondly, some phases are time sensitive. It gets opened and after some minutes the phase ends, so you have to be online whenever a new phase starts to quickly place withdrawal. Additionally, there is usually a limit to what you can convert in every phase.

We’ve come to the end of this article. I believe you now understand how to start earning crypto daily on the tonk network app. Feel free to join our telegram channel and group for more interesting updates.

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