Legit or Scam? How I Made 2k With 100 Naira

Join Our Telegram Channel Join our Telegram Channel is an online gaming website that lets users play games and make money on the site. There are numerous games available on the site but the few most popular ones can be utilised to enable users make money. Now the questions are; is legit or scam?, who is the owner is Does tophappy actually pay or is everything just a charade meant to lure people into losing their hard earned money?

In this article, we will be giving unbiased answers to the question and my person experience, how I made 2,000 naira on with just 100 naira. It sounds unbelievable but that’s not a strange or new happening when it comes to online casino websites because it’s a form of gambling, where the player keeps earning more and more and also stands a chance of losing everything. Without wasting much time, let’s get down to the full gist.

About needs little to no introduction because the few months leading up to the current month, we have witnessed an influx of new gaming websites with very similar scripts or better put, website design that seems as though, the owners are related.

Tophappy is no different. It’s a gaming website that you can either win all or lose all if care is not taken and if you don’t thread carefully, curtailing your greed to a very high level.

Is Legit or scam? payment proof is legit. I know this question of whether tophappy is legit or not is mainly asked by people who are seeking to find out if a platform actually pays users and as such, it will be improper for me to say tophappy doesn’t pay because I’ve had first hand experience and also seen someone get paid immediately after withdrawing.

So is actually paying and legit but the rigorous process it takes to earn enough to withdraw may frustrate you and make you lose your initial deposit thus making the platform seem illegitimate. Reason you need to thread with caution and also ensure you are not playing in a greedy manner to pack everything.

Who is The Owner Of

Tophappy like other similar casino websites doesn’t have an owner. It does have an owner but since the identity of the person is not revealed, it’s not out of place to say the platform doesn’t have an owner.

This is very common amongst this type of websites because they know some people get so bitter after losing all, that’s why their identity is hidden to avoid being arrested by raging individuals after losing everything they deposited. More reasons for you to be careful while trying to earn alittle bit from the website.

Can Tophappy Make Me Rich?

The answer is no. Like many other online gambling related websites are, tophappy cannot make you rich. It’s more like a near-success platform where you can’t just keep winning no matter how smart you are. The system was systematically arranged in such a manner that makes it practically impossible for you to earn so much without losing so much.

Popular In-house Games On

Popular games on

  1. Mines
  2. Crash
  3. Limbo
  4. Dice
  5. Row Double

The favourite for me amongst the 5-6 are mines and crash. It’s easier to accumulate money up to the minimum withdrawal if you stick to the two games. The keyword is not allowing greed get the better of you..

How I Made 2k With Just 100 Naira On

  • Firstly, you have to create an account and to do this, simply visit Tophappy website and fill your details.
  • The registration process is as easy as anything you know and then proceed to click on the red envelope icon at the top right corner, to deposit, select 2,000 naira from the list but when the account number is provided, send 100 naira to the account instead and wait for the money to reflect in your balance.
  • It takes maximum of 5 minutes to reflect, after which you select any available game and start playing. If you are playing mines, select it, choose 2-3 explosives and start.
  • But if you are choosing crash, make sure you observe how far it is currently going before staking 50 Naira. Don’t play with more than 50 Naira and don’t let it go beyond 2.0x. That’s a wise way to accumulate more money in order to have more chances of winning more.

That’s what I did. Another interesting aspect is that, tophappy administrators churn out free bonuses otherwise known as red envelopes to users every day. So this is another chance of getting free bonus that would enable you make money on tophappy from the games you know and enjoy playing.

Minimum Withdrawal On Tophappy minimum withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal is just 2,000 naira. Once you have gotten up to 2,000 naira and cleared the little wager given to you based on your 100 naira deposit, then you can withdraw and get your money in minutes.

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