Cardvest App: How to Easily Sell & Buy Gift Cards

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Cardvest gift card trading app

Cardvest is one of the most reliable platforms where you can exchange your gift cards both physical and digital swiftly and receive payment instantly. You can also place order for gift cards if needed on the App directly without having to stress so much.

As we all know, trading your gift cards on social media platforms can be scary as you stand a high risk of losing the digital assets if you fall into the wrong hands. But with Cardvest, there is absolutely no need for any third party, all you have to do is create an account and follow the instructions.

What Are The Distinctive Features Of Cardvest Gift Card Trading Application?

  1. Cardvest gift card trading is very fast with little to no processes for people who easily get confused online. You can easily trade your gift cards even with little to no knowledge of online things. It is fast, just have your digital E-code or screenshot of the physical gift card.
  2. Cardvest is reliable – when it comes to reliability, leave it for Cardvest. Unlike the risk of being scammed people face on a daily basis on social media, you have nothing to fear on Cardvest. If there is a hitch, you can contact the support team via live chat option provided in the application.
  3. Cardvest rates are relatively high and there is rarely any normal vendor that will sell or buy your gift cards at better rates.
  4. They have a standard support system that responds swiftly when there is any error.

How to Trade Your Gift cards On Cardvest Easily

1. Simply download Cardvest Application From Google Playstore Or Apple Store.

2. Sign up on the application after downloading, there is no email address or phone number verification. Immediately after registration, sign in to your account and start trading.

How to trade on Cardvest

3. To sell gift card or buy, click on the Trade button, select Sell if you wish to sell your gift card. Select the category (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon etc.) Then select how much the card is and paste the E-code and screenshot of the card.

4. Then place your order, when the order gets approved, you will be notified on the App and then, your money will be credited to your wallet.

How to Withdraw Your Money From Cardvest Wallet

Withdrawing from Cardvest

To withdraw your money from Cardvest Wallet after selling the card, simply click on wallet on the App, and add your bank account details. Then proceed to placing withdrawal. It often lands within some minutes as most activity on Cardvest is automated.

There is another way of making money on Cardvest besides trading, you can refer users to the App and get 500 Naira when they successfully complete a trade. To get your referral link, click on profile, then on referrals, copy your link and send to your potential referral..

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