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Transocean-ng withdrawal proof

Transocean-ng Review: How to Earn Safely On The Platform

Transocean-ng review

Transocean-ng is a platform that aims at rewarding users with profit for investments. It works like many other platforms you know or have participated in, all it takes is deposit or activate any of the available investment plans and allow it to yield income and possible profit for you.

In recent times, people have diverted much attention to Transocean and in this article, I am going to be breaking down some information about the platform and how to earn safely without having much to risk. Let’s start with when Transocean was launched or registered officially.

When Was Transocean-ng Registered?

The domain name was officially registered on the 22nd of June, 2022. The registration information according to Whois is private, meaning that the owner of the website decided to hide his or her identity to avoid future problems. This is one trait of hyip schemes that should not be patronised carelessly.

Is Transocean-ng Legit or Scam?

Currently, Transocean-ng is not a scam platform but like every other hyip and Ponzi schemes, it will eventually turn out to be a scam when the money being used to purchase or invest in the platform becomes less than the amount being paid out to old users. In platforms like Transocean, the person who gets in when the platform is fresh earns more and has less risk of losing his or her money.

Transocean Review: How to Start Earning

✅ Register on Transocean Website Directly from HERE

✅ After signing up, you would be rewarded with 700 Naira startup bonus which cannot be withdrawn unless you refer people who invest or you invest yourself.

✅ The minimum investment amount is 3,000 Naira and you will be earning 300 Naira per day which amounts to 1200 every four days.

Having known how to get started on Transocean-ng website, below is the full explanation on how to earn safely on the platform.

How to Earn Safely On Transocean-ng

Transocean-ng withdrawal proof

Due to the nature of the platform and the fact that it can crash anytime, there is need for you to apply wisdom while trying to participate.

After creating the first account with the link above, click on your profile icon>> locate referral program, copy your referral link and use it to create a new account. The new account will be under the first account you created.

If you have plans to invest on the platform, then you should invest in the second account you created under the first one. This will fetch you 300 Naira referral bonus to the first account to complete the minimum withdrawal amount. After investing in your second self referred account, go back to the first account and place a withdrawal of 1k to reduce the amount you have in the platform.

The next day, you place a withdrawal on your second account because the minimum investment plan fetches daily 300 Naira, since all new accounts start up with 700 Naira, you will have gotten another 1k in your second account. Place withdrawal immediately as well to further reduce your risk. Subsequently, you withdraw 1200 every four days without investing more.

That’s how to effectively participate in the Transocean-ng website. The withdrawal is swift and fast for now, I don’t know for how long this would last. So enjoy it now!

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