Trending Memes App Review: Earn Money By Posting & Viewing Memes

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Trending memes app review

Trending memes is a mobile application that’s rewarding users with cash reward when they post, view, share the memes on the app. Memes are very common in today’s world because people tend to view and enjoy them after the daily hustle and bustle to make ends meet. So in this trending memes app review, we will be finding out if the app is legit or scam and also the various strengths and the flaws of the app.

In this article as already stated, we will be examining or finding out more about the trending memes app and how you can make money by viewing the memes, posting yours or sharing the app to friends for more chances of earning money. But before we jump into that, there is need to know how to sign up and the overall information about the trending memes app.

About Trending Memes App

About Trending Memes

Trending memes app as the name implies is a mobile application where users can post memes, video content precisely and also view memes when they are bored. If you are meme lover and you would like to laugh out loud, then trending memes app is the one for you and you also earn money when you view the memes.

Imagine viewing memes to entertain yourself and also earning money on the go? That’s incredible right? I know it is. You can’t wait to start earning on the app right? Don’t worry, the registration process and/or steps will be revealed soon.

How to Create Account On Trending Memes App

Download Trending Memes – Make Money from playstore. Currently, I have no clue if the application is available for iOS devices.

After downloading, open the app and sign Up. I wouldn’t advise you to create an account using your Gmail as that would mean giving the app permission to access some information on your Google account. While signing up, paste this code in the referral column – krux2asn

Then upon sign up, you will be logged into the main dashboard to start viewing memes and also given free 50 points as startup for you to build from.

In order to start earning money on trending memes app, simply start viewing the memes on the homepage and if you are interested in posting, click on the too left corner to see the menu bar, there you will find the option to post your own memes.

Click on it if you have memes to share and start sharing immediately. The more memes you post, the higher your points which also means revenue. But is the trending memes app legit or scam? I know the description so far has probably portrayed the app as a bed of roses or money making machine that is stress less, but allow me to burst your bubbles.

Trending memes app is not as easy or enjoyable as it seems. I understand that the idea is simple and straightforward, but to make money on the app either through viewing or posting memes, you have to be determined. I would have stopped at the sweet aspect of the app, but this is a trending memes app review, so there’s need to dive deeper into what your experience would be if you decide to sign up and participate.

Trending Memes App Review – Is Trending Memes Legit?

Trending memes is a legit money making app but there is a string attached. The legitimacy or chances of withdrawing from the app is dependent on how willing and ready you are to spend data, time and energy on the app on ad viewing or posting.

I checked most of the reviews of trending memes app on play store and I discovered that the app has alot of negative reviews or feedback from users and this was taken into consideration in my review of the app. in as much as it’s paying, there are numerous reasons not to give the app a shot and they are as follows;

  • Trending memes app pays so little! I mean you earn little to nothing from viewing the memes, so it will take a whole lot of time and consistency for you to withdraw something tangible from the app. I know someone might say the app is for passive income and all, but the owners should have considered the earning rate before launching.
  • Minimum withdrawal on trending memes app is too high. You can only redeem when you have earned or accumulated up to 9,900 points which is equivalent to $9.90 usd. This is bad because the earning rate is very low, so they would have fixed a much lower and more considerate withdrawal amount.
  • Payment can only be received through PayPal. This is very bad because most people in this part of the world are prohibited from using PayPal for withdrawals. So it’s a downside worth considering in this trending memes app review.
  • You must refer before you can withdraw. It is true that payment is free but, putting referring as a compulsory requirement before one can withdraw is perhaps the most significant weakness of the app.
  • Too many ads, literally all clicks lead to video ads. If you are not tolerant to ads, then trending memes app is not for you.

How to Withdraw Money From Trending Memes App

How to withdraw from trending memes app

If you want to withdraw from the trending memes app, kindly login to your account and click on “withdraw” there you will find the total number of points in your balance and then an option to redeem.

Like I said the minimum withdrawal is 9,900 points and this means you have $9.90 which can be withdrawn using PayPal email. Payment is not instant but it actually drops if you are able to reach minimum withdrawal amount.

We’ve come to the end of this trending memes app review! If you’ve been looking for how to earn some side income for free and feel this matches your taste or suits you from the information here, then you can go ahead and start accumulating points. Thanks and do well to join our telegram channel and group for more online money making updates and reviews.

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