Tronlove Review: Is Trx Investment Legit?

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Tronlove review

Tronlove is an online TRX investment website that claims to be long term, boasting that they’ve been around since 2017. In this Tronlove review, we will be having a look at all there is to know about investment website and whether or not users should invest on it.

In this Tronlove review as already stated, we will go over some facts about this TRX investment site as well as confirm if is legit or scam but before we dive into that, there is need to have a look at some general information about the platform as well as how to start earning on tronlove.

About Tronlove

Tronlove with the URL is an online trx investment website where users get rewarded with up to 11% of whatever they invest on a daily basis. What this means is that, as an investor on the tronlove website, you can earn 9-11% of whatever you deposited into the system.

The interest or ROI depends on the amount used to deposit, if you deposit from 10 – 1000 trx, you get 9% daily profit. While investment of 1000trx and above will get 10% daily profit and so on with the highest ROI being 11%. Imagine depositing $100 and earning $10 on a daily basis indefinitely. That sounds unreal to me in all honesty but let’s keep going. sign up process

To start earning money on Tronlove, you have to create an account. There is no verification, so you shouldn’t encounter any issues while signing up. Just enter your preferred username, password, email and submit.

Then you will be logged into the main dashboard and given free 28,000 TRX mining pool which can be activated the moment you deposit at least 10 trx.

How to deposit on tronlove

If you want to deposit on Tronlove, click on the deposit button on your dashboard, then select transfer to basic account, send the TRX into the wallet and wait for confirmation of your deposit. According to the information on the website, deposits will reflect and you start earning extra interest 24 hours after you’ve invested in the system.

Every 24 hours you’re expected to login and claim the bonus for the day. To do this, click on the income button on your dashboard, and claim the bonus generated for the day from your investment. Repeat the process on a daily basis to keep accumulating bonus.

How Does Tronlove Referral Program Work?

There is a multi level referral system on Tronlove, you can earn up to 13% from your first level referrals, 2% from second level referrals up to the third level. So another fast way of earning money on Tronlove is by referring friends and family to the platform.

The referral rewards can be withdrawn at anytime just like the ROI generated from one’s deposit. It is important however to note that you only get rewarded when your referral has deposited or invested in the platform and not when they sign up.

Tronlove Minimum Withdrawal

Tronlove minimum withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal on is 5 trx and you can withdraw using your Trx wallet address. You can easily get this from either Binance or any other crypto wallet. Copy the link and head back to your Tronlove account, tap on withdrawal, and fill the withdrawal details with the address.

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Payment will be sent if the platform is still paying by the time you do this. No matter how long a platform with this kind of Ponzi arrangement last, one thing is sure, it will surely crash one day. Having looked at how to earn money from Tronlove, let’s now answer the big question, is legit?

Tronlove Review – Is legit?

Now down to the main question as long as this Tronlove review is concerned, is Tronlove legit or scam? Well, I will start by saying that Tronlove is paying at the time of writing this article. The reason why I said so is, people who tend to join Ponzi schemes now are usually aware of the risks but still join because it’s still early and as such they believe the platform will pay.

So Tronlove is paying for now but it won’t remain this way for long and for your information, it is a Ponzi scheme that literally rotates mo way between depositors and people withdrawing. It’s not legit in the right sense of the word but that doesn’t mean it’s not paying.

Secondly, the major red flag I noticed is the fact that Tronlove claims to be a long term project that has been around for years but when I looked the domain up on whois, I found out that the domain name, was registered sometime in August, 2023 meaning that it’s not even lasted for a year yet and they are claiming to be long term. Platforms making untrue claims should not be trusted.

Lastly, one must deposit money before he or she can participate or earn from the platform despite their free 28,000 trx. This is not so good as most online earning platforms at least give users the chance to earn some money for free before they think of depositing.

While those seem to be the red flags, there are some green flags or good aspects of and they are as follows

Tronlove Green Flags

  • Lower minimum deposit. 10 trx is about $1-2, so literally anyone can take the risk.
  • Low minimum withdrawal pegged at 5 trx, you can easily make this amount if you invest in the platform.
  • The support system is very active. I messaged them to confirm some details and they responded immediately via the live chat on the website. Active support system is very commendable and known to be a major indication that a website is still fairly okay.


Tronlove is a trx investment website and as we all know investment sites have their own share of risks. While it’s okay to look for online reviews about websites like this, there is still need to participate with caution no matter what the reviewer says about the platform. Anything that involves depositing money should always be done with utmost carefulness.

That’s all for now! We’ve come to the end of this Tronlove review! From what you read, do you think is worth giving a shot?

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