Trove Review: Earn As Much as $100 From Doing Simple Tasks

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Trove payment proof

Do you know that you can earn money from Trove Application? In this social media and internet era, money making has been simplified, you no longer need to stay under the sun from morning to night before you can make ends meet, internet has made it easier for everyone to make some passive and even active income by just staying online and following simple instructions.

Before we get down to the main business or point of writing this article, there is need to understand what Trove is all about as a platform. This way it will enable you understand how best to use the website.

What is Trove?

Trove is an investment platform that allows its users to invest in publicly traded stock or assets and bonds from a simple click of a button. The platform is aimed at making the process of finding and selecting investment easy and approachable for newbies or beginners.

With Trove application, you will find stock from various public companies in Nigeria and abroad (US), including cryptocurrency assets and mutual funds. It is a very good platform but for the sake of my viewers, the most beautiful aspect or interesting aspect of the platform, is there referral bonus and that is our point of focus or interest.

How To Make Money From Trove Application

This is actually the interesting part for us at least, it will enable you earn some few bucks if you have a large audience you may even earn major block money. 😂 Here is how it works;

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When you refer someone to the platform, the person gets rewarded with a free stock of any company worth $1 and you would also be rewarded with $1 (500 Naira) so it doesn’t appear as if the person is doing you a favour to register. But for you to qualify for the referral program in the first instance, you need to register and account, fill the form, verify your account with your NIN not BVN and then you start referring others.

To register, Click HERE to sign up on the website, do you KYC verification and then download the app to get your own referral link.

After registering, to get your referral link and start making some useful income from the Trove Platform, click on your profile icon and select Get Free Shares< below is a screenshot guide.

How to refer on Trove

You will be shown the referral link unique to your account. Copy it and share to others and per person that registers and downloads the app with your link, you get free $1 and the person gets $1 as well, so nobody loses on Trove!

How to Withdraw Money From Your Portfolio On Trove

How to withdraw from Trove

Withdraw from Trove

The next thing that follows after working is payment and on Trove this is not left out. The referral bonuses often reflect on the portfolio after 24 hours, so once it reflects on your portfolio, just click on the portfolio tab in your app dashboard and then click on withdraw from portfolio, insert your local bank details and your money will be forwarded after some hours.

That’s all! Happy earning and endeavour to share this post to others who may be interested in earning some bucks online!

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