Trustfinance Review and Earn: Get Up to $15 Usdt Free

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Trustfinance is an establishment that allows users to review companies, applications to make these brands more reputable in the market or for them to get more customers. They also added an incentive to the reviews to encourage users to review more often and genuinely and that incentive is the main target of this article. You can earn up to $15 Usdt when you review brands on a daily basis on trustfinance.

In this article we will be having a look at everything you should know about Trustfinance Review incentive or promo and how to utilize it to earn the most money from the platform. No application is required or virtual private network, the only requirement is your ability to share genuine reviews on the various companies, brands and applications you may have used in the past or currently using that’s available on trustfinance.

About Trustfinance

Trustfinance Review and earn

Trustfinance like the name implies is a review collection where you would find thousands of reviews and feedbacks on various fintech applications, Forex trading apps and cryptocurrency platforms. You know, reviews are super important in today’s world, people often depend on the feedback from others to know or decipher the best choice to go for in a world filled with choices as to the best brand to work with.

So that’s what Trustfinance is about; they offer these brands an opportunity to have numerous feedbacks and reviews about them documented should incase a user decides to look up reviews, he or she will be shown the various feedbacks from people on trustfinance who have actually used the service and shared interesting reviews for others to read.

How to Start Earning Money On Trustfinance From Reviews

How to start earning money on trustfinance

  • The sign up process is as simple and basic as anything you know or have previously done on the internet. No verification is required, just sign up Trustfinance website.
  • You can do that using your Gmail to make the process much faster, then a verification email will be sent to you, click on the link to get your account fully verified and ready for operation.
  • When you are done with the registration and account verification, simply click on the top right corner where the first letter of your name is displayed and tap on invite, copy your referral link or scroll past the various rewards in order to see “Start Reviewing” button.
  • Click on start reviewing, select one of the available brands you have used or currently using and start writing your reviews.

Endeavour to also look up their tips on how to write impeccable reviews that will pass the AI review. Based on my own personal experience, also try to give your reviews an interesting caption and make them real. Don’t praise the brand you are reviewing too much and don’t speak down on it so much.

How Trustfinance Referral Program Works

To get your referral link, still click on the top right corner, select invite copy your referral link and start sharing. For each referral gotten, you earn free 10 points and the maximum number of referrals is 10 which means 100 points.

If you are looking to redeem points that are higher than $5, you will need about 150 points and above and to achieve this, you have to write reviews. Per review, users are given 5 points. So the more reviews you share, the more money you make.

How to Redeem Your Points On Trustfinance

You will still need to go back to the invite page, scroll down a little bit to see the available rewards, for people in Nigeria, you can only redeem in Usdt and the maximum amount is 15 Usdt. When you have earned the number of points required for any of the rewards, just click on claim.

Download Okx wallet from either play store or app store, sign up, complete kyc and copy your USDT-OKTC address and paste in the two columns provided for Trustfinance withdrawal. Your money will arrive in your wallet within 7 days under normal circumstances but if it reverses as some people experience, you can place another withdrawal.

When is Trustfinance Reward Scheme Ending?

List of available rewards on trustfinance

It is ending on the 31st of August, 2023. Which means you can only get paid for reviews till the end of this month after which the offer will be taken away and you would have to either share reviews for free or leave the system.

I would have published this earlier, was just waiting for them to pay before doing so. Enjoy and feel free to share and join our telegram channel and group for more interesting money making updates.

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