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Trystakes payment proof Review: Earn Cash By Staking Money & Doing Riddles

  1. Trystakes cash withdrawal proof

Trystakes is a money making platform that can fetch you some cash when you either stake your own money or answer riddles or questions placed by other users and earn some free money on the platform. If you are the type of person that loves riddles and can crack them correctly, then it won’t be so hard for you to earn some money on trystakes.

But does it end in just answering questions and correctly guessing riddles? No, there are other ways of earning on the platform, staking your own money on the platform for a fixed number of days starting from 3 days will fetch you a percentage of the money as long as no one is able to answer the questions or riddles posted on the website. So you can earn through a number of ways on the trystakes website.

How to Earn Some Cash On Platform?

✅ First of all, sign up on the website and then fill the registration form, enter a valid email address because you have to verify before login.

✅ Enter ErickssonDGreat in the referral column and then proceed with the registration.

✅ After verifying your email address, login to your account and either start staking money or start answering the questions posted by other users. Per question you answer correctly, you will be credited with 60% of the revenue. question

Like I said, you can earn via other means such as staking money and setting your own questions, if people are not able to answer your own questions you get 20% of the money staked after 3 days, 50% after 5 days and 100% after 10 days.

How Legit Is Trystakes Platform and the Minimum Withdrawal? trust rating

There are some payment proofs but since the website is new, trying it out with your spare money wouldn’t be a bad idea. Similar platforms in the past always pay the first set of people as long as they don’t get overwhelmed with greed.

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I looked trystakes on scam adviser and the trust rating was not so bad or poor. So it’s a relatively trusted website. You just have to stake responsibly bearing in mind that you could lose the money.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 20,000 Naira and you can earn upto 50,000 when you answer a riddle or question correctly as there are price tags to every riddle or question on the platform! Rush it now, late comers often end up losing their monies in platforms like this.

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