TTbet888 Review: Is A Scam Casino Site?

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Ttbet888 review

Ttbet888 is a casino gaming website that I personally regard as highly versatile and rewarding; if your plan is to make the most from any online casino website. As we all know, most casino websites are preprogrammed to ensure users don’t make so much money, this is not so different in the case of ttbet888 but due to the various earning options, you stand a chance of making good money at the moment. In this ttbet888 review, we will go over the various ways of earning on the platform as well as the legitimacy.

In this article as already stated, we will be having a look at the various ways of earning on as well as confirming to aspiring users whether TTBet is legit or scam(I know that’s one of the major queries that probably brought you to this blog post). Without wasting further time, let’s get down to the ttbet888 review proper.

What’s Ttbet888?

Ttbet888 as previously mentioned is an online casino gaming website that operates using both cryptocurrency and local currency such as naira, Usdt, BTC etc. The reason why I referred to it as a versatile platform. It’s not common to see a casino gaming website operating using different currencies, I guess the intention of the owner(s) is to widen the reach of the platform beyond just Nigerian audience or users.

Ttbet888 was recently launched and ever since then they’ve been dishing out rewards to users who are utilizing their agency program at the moment. So you get to earn as much as $50 Usdt every week by participating in the agency program put in place by the platform but we will talk about that in a detailed manner, later.

Ways Of Earning Money

1. The first and conventional way of earning on ttbet888 would be playing games. There are numerous games on the platform grouped in categories, with each category being designed literally for a set class of users. So if you know, you hate slot games, there are other categories with games for you to play. Below are the various categories of games you can play or go for in ttbet888;

  • Slot
  • Sports
  • Fishing
  • Board games
  • Live casino games

These are the various categories and under them, you will find numerous games such as sugar rush, fortune tiger and many others. I believe you must have had a level of experience and exposure to casino gaming websites. This is the main way of earning money on the platform but it doesn’t end here.

2. Becoming and Agent – this is another way of earning money on ttbet888 and if I’m not mistaken, it should be the easiest and fastest way of earning good amount of money from the platform. Imagine earning 72,000 naira ($50 Usdt)  per week from the platform simply by keeping your team active? I am not here to sing the praises of ttbet888 but if you’re an old visitor or have read a couple of reviews from me, you’d know I state the obvious; the good and bad for you to pick and choose your poison.

When it comes to the agency program, ttbet888 is very interesting and rewarding but you have to refer up to 25-30 friends who deposit and play games before your contract will be activated and then you can start earning weekly. I will talk about the process later on.

Ttbet888 Sign Up Process

Firstly, hop into, there you click on Sign up and select username because signing up with phone number doesn’t work well.

After signing up, you will be instantly logged in and then you can either decide to deposit or just sit around without earning a dime on the platform. To deposit money, click on Deposit and select the deposit currency, for Usdt deposits, you have to pay in $10 and above but for naira deposits, you can start with 2,000 naira and above.

How to deposit money on ttbet888

Immediately after depositing, you can now go back to the homepage and select one of the games and start playing for a chance of double, triple or lose all your staked amount. It all boils down to luck and ability to contain your greed. Casino gaming sites thrive on a user’s greed, if you jump in and start staking thousands, then be prepared to go back to your village, lol, just kidding but that’s reality.

Stake low and play smart, any game that’s not working for you, kindly leave it and check another.

How to Withdraw From Ttbet888

How to withdraw money from ttbet888

To withdraw from the platform, simply click on the Deposit button and select Withdraw tab, complete ID verification and then proceed to link bank account or crypto wallet and then submit withdrawal.

The withdrawals seem to be manual as I’ve seen people complain of not receiving money after placing withdrawal, so you may have to patient or contact the agent that referred you to FasTrack the process.

How to Become An Agent on Ttbet888

If you are interested in becoming an agent on ttbet888, then you can simply sign up with the link attached in this article, and then click on the link below to join the Telegram group designed for agents.

After that, you message one of the administrators on the group and indicate interest in being one of the agents, you will be given a task to refer 25-30 deposit users to the platform, then you will be given a contract to sign and $50 Usdt will be paid to you.

Ttbet888 Review – Is Legit?

Is legit or scam?

The truth is that, ttbet888 may be legit at the moment i.e. at the time of writing this review but I don’t have any clue for how long this will remain. So whatever you’re doing on the platform, try as much as possible to earn fast and leave if you can.

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There is no known owner of the platform, no one asides the telegram administrators you can hold accountable. So whatever you’re doing, never stake or deposit money you can’t afford to let go otherwise avoid or stay away from it now before it’s too late. being legit doesn’t mean there are no red flags. One of the red flags I noticed is that, there are few popular games on the platform. As an ardent casino gaming player, there are certain games we feel delighted about seeing on casino websites and they are lacking on ttbet888. That makes it very difficult for people like me to actually make money from playing games.

Second red flag is the manual payment. A system that’s interested in expanding so much with their agency program should also implement an automatic payment method so users wouldn’t have to wait for hours and even complain before they receive their monies.

That’s all for this ttbet888 review! Hope you enjoyed the article?

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