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Tunnel Cat VPN powering GLO Unlimited cheat

Tunnel Cat VPN Settings For GLO Unlimited Cheat

Tunnel Cat VPN powering GLO Unlimited cheat

The GLO unlimited Cheat has been blazing for some weeks now, with many users downloading and browsing without fear of data exhaustion. Many users are enjoying the cheat via the known VPNs but then, some days ago there was widespread complaints from people that the GLO unlimited had been blocked.

This led to an outcry for new ways of powering the GLO unlimited Cheat. So in this article we are going to find out how to power the Glo Unlimited Cheat with a new VPN called tunnel Cat VPN. At the end of this piece, you should have gained some insights on how to power the GLO unlimited Cheat with tunnel Cat.

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Requirements For The GLO Unlimited Browsing Cheat

✅ An android device/smartphone

✅ Glo line with Opera Sub weekly or monthly.

✅ The tunnel Cat VPN which can be downloaded directly from Google Playstore or From Our Telegram Channel 

Having seen some of the basic requirements to enjoy the GLO unlimited Cheat, below are the step-by-step instructions on how to start making use of the latest GLO unlimited Cheat

How to Activate The GLO Unlimited Cheat Via Tunnel Cat VPN

~ Turn on your normal data plan if possible switch to any sim that has data. The reason is that, upon launching the Tunnel Cat VPN for the first time, you should refresh the servers.

~ After refreshing the servers, choose any of the Fast DNS/TCP Related servers and select Tunnel F (53) as protocol.

~ Switch to your GLO Network and start connection. Leave it for some seconds for the VPN to get connected and start surfing Unlimitedly with your GLO opera bundle.

Pros – the Tunnel Cat VPN powers the GLO unlimited Cheat seamlessly! The speed is usually out of this world as you can get a download speed of upto 5mb per second depending on your location.

Cons – the VPN disconnects at intervals. You may need to launch the VPN, toggle the connection off and reconnect to keep enjoying the crazy speed.

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