Vista Reward Review: Is Legit? (Truth)

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Vista reward review

Vista Reward is a relatively new online money making website that claims users can earn up to 500 naira on a daily basis from viewing adverts and even more when they refer users to the platform. As is now tradition, I decided to research more about the website and in this vista reward review, we will be having a look at everything about the platform as well as how to start earning.

In this article as already stated, we are going to be reviewing vista reward; an online earning website and answering such questions as; is legit or scam?, is vista reward paying? and much more. Without wasting time let’s get down to the purpose of writing this article.

About Vista Reward

Vista reward is an online earning website that users can make money from when they view ads every day. As a new user on the free plan, you can view at least 10 adverts on a daily basis after which, you have to wait till the next day.

According to the administrators, vista reward is completely free as you there is no paid plan. All users upon registration is set on the free plan and they can start making money both from viewing ads and referrals without having to upgrade or pay money.

Vista Reward Account Registration Process

To create an account, simply open vista reward website and sign up. There is no verification but still make sure the details submitted are correct to avoid having issues in case you want to reset your password later on.

After registering, you will be given free 2,500 naira welcome bonus but this bonus cannot be withdrawn. It’s just a startup bonus and you’re to build it up to 5,000 naira before you can place withdrawal.

How to Complete Tasks On Vista reward

How to complete tasks on vista reward

If you want to start completing tasks i.e. viewing the ads, simply click on the three lines at the top of your dashboard, then click on Earn Now.

You will be shown a list of tasks to complete with the amount to earn fixed beside each of them. Like I said earlier, you can view only 10 ads per day. Click on each task, view ads for 10 seconds and claim your bonus.

Continue same way for all 10 ads for your account and the bonuses will be added to your existing 2,500 balance. You’re to repeat the steps on a daily basis till you hit the 5,000 naira minimum withdrawal balance.

How to Withdraw From Vista Reward

How to withdraw from vista reward

Once you have earned up to 5,000 naira, click on the three lines and then tap on withdraw now, fill your account details, enter amount and submit.

The payment is not instant but if for any reason you don’t receive it for long, contact the administrator directly on WhatsApp to receive your money faster.

Vista Reward Review – Is Legit Or Scam?

Vista reward is a scam platform. I deposited the required amount and placed withdrawal, only for the request to be cancelled after some minutes.  Contacted the administrator on Whatsapp and he ignored the message. So disregard all the posts and payment screenshots being posted on the WhatsApp group, vista reward is scam.

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So if you’re wondering if vista reward is paying, just know that it’s not paying nor legit. Apart from being an online task earning website, there are certain red flags I noticed on the site that’s worth mentioning. But let’s have a look at the green flags.

Vista Reward Green Flags

  • The free 2,500 naira welcome bonus is a good motivating factor. As a user you are to boost the amount to 5,000 naira before you withdraw. The initial bonus is actually a green flag.
  • The website is to a large extent free and the WhatsApp support is active. There is an option to join their official WhatsApp group to hear directly from the support rep. That’s a motivating factor as well because users feel more comfortable when they are closer to the administrator.
  • You get to earn money from viewing ads that are not really intrusive and you just have to view for 10 seconds before you claim the bonus for the task. Less stress for users.

Vista Reward Red Flags

  • You have to deposit 1,000 naira for confirmation before your withdrawal can be processed. I mean for a website that claims to be free, giving users a condition that they must deposit 1,000 naira before their withdrawal will be confirmed is giving the scam vibes.
  • Secondly, the minimum withdrawal is a little too high. You’d have to complete the tasks daily before you can reach 5,000 naira minimum withdrawal even with the free welcome bonus.
  • The official group is not open. It’s just the administrator sharing payment proofs to the group. This is a major red flag as most scam websites do this to lure users to deposit. So before you deposit, make sure you ask questions. I will update this vista reward review with a real payment proof should I reach minimum withdrawal soon.

We’ve come to the end of this vista reward review! Did you enjoy the article? If you did, join our telegram channel for more similar articles and online money making updates.


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