W9ja Review: Is W9ja.com A Legit Gaming Website?

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W9ja Review - free 600 naira welcome bonus

W9ja is a popular gaming website where people sign up, play games and earn money. If you are a fan of online casino, then you must have at one point or another heard about w9ja but if it’s your first time hearing about the platform and would like to know if w9ja.com is legit or scam? Simply read this w9ja review to the end.

In this article as already stated in the headline, we will be reviewing w9ja; an online casino website that has been around for a long while now. The first time I heard about the platform was over 4 months ago and surprisingly, it’s still kicking till now with the welcome rewards still intact. Without wasting much time, let’s dive into this w9ja review to avoid wearing you out with unnecessary stories.

About W9ja

W9ja is an online casino gaming website that is based in Nigeria and for Nigerians. You earn money when you deposit money on the platform and play games either in the crash games category or slots. As a matter of fact, there are numerous categories available on w9ja; which makes it a platform for all.

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There are games in all categories for users to play. Just pick the one that you think it’s easier to play and try. Since it involves money there is need to apply caution while playing so you don’t end up losing all your money.

W9ja Review Is W9ja.com Legit Or Scam?

W9ja games

W9ja is a legit gaming website but it’s scam in another sense depends on the one you wish to go with. W9ja can be said to be legit in the sense that the platform actually pays users when they are able to not only play games but also clear the respective wager. But on the flip side, w9ja can be said to be scam or a fraudulent gaming website because the games are somewhat difficult to play and there is usually a tough wager for users to clear before they can place withdrawal.

Secondly, w9ja.com as a domain name wasn’t registered with a direct name or known person as owner. So it can always varnish anytime. Check popular betting websites Like sportybet, bet9ja, BetKing, they all have known owners and this is what makes them more credible. For a supposed online casino website to not have a name or an owner, makes it more of a Ponzi scam. So be mindful of the way you deposit money into the w9ja Website.

This w9ja review is not just to sing praises of the platform but to criticise or state the various facts about the platform whether it hurts the reputation of the website or not. W9ja was launched months ago and ever since, there hasn’t been any publication by a user revealing or discussing how much he or she made from the platform. Check other online casino websites, you will see some payment proofs from real people who have played the game and won some money. But this isn’t the case with w9ja despite being launched months ago.

W9ja has a crazy wager. When I registered I was given free 600 naira bonus but asked to play up to 15,000 naira bet with the initial welcome bonus before I can withdraw a dime. The worst is, you can’t withdraw more than a thousand naira using the welcome bonus making it totally futile and useless due to the fact that users still have to clear an alarming wager. So if you have plans to join w9ja due to the free welcome bonus, you may need to change your mind.

How to Create An Account On W9ja

If you want to create an account on w9ja, ensure you have an active email address and phone number as these will be needed though not immediately.

Just hop into w9ja and click on register, then fill your email and a preferred password. Then submit and you will be logged into your account. If you now want to get the free 600 naira bonus on w9ja click on your profile icon at the extreme of the bottom, then tap on bind account details, fill your account number and bank name and bind.

Luckily, they accept fintech and online banks, so you can just fill your palmpay account details and submit then your phone number would have to be verified after which, you will be given free 600 naira bonus points to play game.

There are certain games to play with the free 600 naira on w9ja, some of the games are not easy, they are more of luck. Just click on slots, then select either 777 or the fortune tiger game and play. There are some other games you can play, just check them out. If you see a notification that you have to play with real deposit then the game isn’t available for the bonus you were given.

How to Deposit/Withdraw On W9ja

How to deposit or withdraw from w9ja

There is no way I can write a w9ja review, without mentioning some other general details about the platform.

When you’re done creating an account, click on the balance icon, a drop-down menu will be displayed showing deposit, withdraw. Click on the one you wish to do at the moment and proceed.

The minimum deposit and withdrawal on w9ja is just 1,000 naira. Which is really nice, once you’ve earned up to a thousand you can withdraw with a cleared wager.

How w9ja referral Program

You earn free 100 naira for every user you invite as long as the user deposits money above 1,000 naira. The referral program is not encouraging at all from what we’ve seen on other gaming website and this could be the cause of the extremely slow growth.

Can w9ja Free 600 Naira Be Accumulated?

The answer is no. Unless a different way or method is discovered later on, there is no way to accumulate the bonus as new accounts can’t be created after you have created the first one. Their security is tight I tried to bypass it even with a virtual private network, it didn’t work.

But it’s pointless, since the maximum you can withdraw from the bonus after clearing an incredible wager. The stress isn’t really worth it.

We’ve come to the end of this w9ja review! If you enjoyed it, feel free to join our telegram channel for more interesting online money making reviews.

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