Wema Alat Points: How to Get Free Airtime & Data Daily

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Wema Alat points is a new incentive plan put in place by Wema Bank to reward users on a daily basis with bonus points that can be converted to airtime or data via the Alat by Wema application. This is very similar to the fidelity green rewards program set up by fidelity bank and it works in similar way, the only difference is that, the Alat points can only be used to purchase airtime or data on the Alat application.

In this article, we are going to have a look at the newly introduced Wema Alat points and how you can utilize this point reward system to get free airtime and data plans on a daily basis. The best part is this Alat by Wema points reward is available and open to all users including people who don’t previously have wema accounts. All that is required is to create an account via the Alat by Wema application, verify by submitting the details and start accumulating points which can be converted to airtime & data.

In as much as it is a brief topic that requires no beating about the bush, there is still need to know some preliminary things to prepare everyone to participate in the promotion.

How to Create a Wema Account via Alat Application

  • First of all, you need to download and sign up on the Alat by Wema application. To do this, simply click HERE to download the application from either Google play store or Apple store and create an account. Make sure you enter this code as referral – 7KQNXQBC
  • While creating account be very careful because you will need to complete verification with your BVN, NIN slip and signature if you wish to upgrade the account to tier 3 in order to start using it for all activities. Reason being that a tier 3 account is considered a standard account that can receive any amount of money unlike the tier 1 that is limited.
  • When you are done creating an account, you will see the points system at the top right corner beside the notification icon.

About Wema Alat Points

About wema Alat points

Alat Points is a reward token put in place by Wema Bank to encourage users to transact on their application and also to encourage users who may have abandoned their accounts to start using the accounts again.

Whenever you get points you can use the points to buy airtime or data right on the Alat by Wema app! It is a reward system that is very interesting because no charge is attached to most services on the app. It’s like wema banks way of giving back to her users.

How to Get Wema Alat Points For Free Airtime And Data

How to earn Alat points on Wema app

There are 4 major steps to complete in order to start accumulating Alat Points and they are as follows;

  • Make bill payments on the Alat by Wema application.
  • Buy airtime or data on the app and get rewarded with up to 10 Alat points.
  • Start using an account you have abandoned for a long while and get free 5 Alat points.
  • Transfers

So basically, it’s a reward system for users who are actively using their wema Bank accounts for transactions.

How Much is 1 Alat Point to Naira?

How to locate Alat by Wema points

1 Alat Point is equivalent to 1 naira. Which means if you are able to accumulate 1000 points, you have gotten free 1000 naira airtime or data!

Since the points are gotten for free, there is no hard in using your Alat by Wema application to transact in order to get this free point. This will be highly rewarding to people who make major purchases on a daily basis using their bank app as they will be receiving free bonus points each time they transact.

Frequently Asked Questions On Wema Alat Points 

1. How much is 1 Alat Point?

  • One Alat point is equivalent to one naira. 100 points is equal to 100 naira as well.

2. How long do Alat points last before expiring?

  • According to the information on Wema application, the Alat points can last as long as 6 months from the time the user got them.

3. What’s Alat points about?

  • Alat points are bonus points put in place by Wema Bank to reward users who perform transactions actively on the app.

4. What’s the use of Wema Alat points?

  • The points can be used to purchase airtime and data as stated earlier. So see each point as airtime or data depending on the one you prefer.

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