What is Ledger Balance In Zenith Bank App?

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Ever wondered what the ledger balance in zenith bank app means? When using zenith bank app, ledger balance is not an uncommon term because users often see some of their monies in this ledger balance and this sometimes causes tension as they wonder what it means and when the ledger balance will be available. It is not out of place to be worried but zenith bank app ledger balance is not something to be overly worried about and this article is going to confirm this assertion.

In this article, we are going to be finding out what ledger balance means in zenith bank app and when it will become available or be added to your zenith bank available balance. I’ve seen various reports and complaints from zenith bank users on Twitter attempting to call out the bank for transferring the money they should have received into the ledger balance.

I understand their plight though, money is hard to come by, so whenever someone gets credited and for any reason the bank app makes it seem as though the money has been locked, it’s only normal for you to get tensed. We will start by explaining what ledger balance means in the banking world before we bring it down to zenith bank and when it will be available.

What is Ledger Balance?

What is ledger balance in banking?

Ledger balance has to do with the remaining balance at the end of a business day as well as the starting balance at the beginning of the next business day. This may seem complicated to you but as we keep going, you would understand better.

For zenith bank customers, it is very common for you to see your money hanging in the ledger balance. But in most cases, it doesn’t mean your money was locked by the bank, it’s just a pre stage before the money eventually gets added to your available balance.

What Is Ledger Balance In Zenith Bank App?

Ledger Balance In Zenith Bank App

If you have been wondering what ledger balance is in zenith bank app, then there is no need to wonder anymore.

When you see ledger balance in your zenith bank app, it means that this is the amount you have in your zenith account but may not have access to all of it yet. This often happens when there is an unprocessed transaction that occured on your bank account.

For example, someone sends you 5000 naira and instead of showing in your main available balance, it enters your ledger balance thus hindering you from withdrawing the money.

What this means is that, zenith bank has confirmed that such transaction took place but have not yet received the value of the amount, hence it will remain in your legder balance till it gets processed fully.

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Another very valid example of what the legder balance in your zenith bank app means is, if you paid for something using your debit card and although the transaction has been concluded with the said amount debited from your zenith bank account, you may still see it in the ledger balance till it has been fully processed at their end.

When Will Ledger balance in Zenith Bank App Be Available?

The ledger balance will be available immediately zenith bank confirms the value of the amount you received or when it gets fully processed by the bank.

Let’s say you received a certain amount, zenith might be aware you have gotten the money but have not yet confirmed the transaction or value of the money you received, it may still remain in your ledger balance till the bank fully confirms the amount.

There is no stated time frame this amount will be transfered to your available balance but it shouldn’t be more than a few hours.

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