How to Get Witcoin Spin and Win $2 Bonus

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Witcoin app a learn and earn platform that gives users an opportunity to complete quizzes and many other tasks to earn money. But currently, they are running a spin and win promo that rewards all new users with free $2 bonus.

So in this article, we will be having a look at some of the steps to follow in order to receive your own $2 bonus on witcoin app via the spin and win promo as well as how to withdraw the money from Bingx app. Before we get down to the full details, let’s have a look at some additional details about witcoin and the features to look out for on the app.

About Witcoin App

Witcoin app like I said is a complete tasks and earn kind of platform. You complete quizzes and make money, you dig to earn, trade to earn and much more. They also have a spin and win promo currently going on at the moment and this is what triggered publication of this article. That aside though, below are some additional features of the witcoin app;

Features of Witcoin App

1. Quiz to Earn-

  • With Witcoin, earning rewards is easy and fun. Join our quizzes to test your knowledge and win big prizes from our Billion Prize Pool. And the best part? You can team up with your friends to increase your chances of winning!

2.  Invite to Earn-

  • Want to make money together? Refer your friends to play as a team and get your commission. You will all get huge rewards.

3. Dig to Earn-

  • Turn your effort into real rewards. Dig for gold coins at your own pace and earn rewards that are truly worth it. With supreme tools, you earn faster and more efficiently.

4. Trade to Earn-

  • Trade various leading cryptocurrencies using live quotes from global markets 24/7 in Witcoin’s Trade Simulator with ZERO financial risk! Develop your trading strategies while earning huge rewards!

How to Get Witcoin Spin And Win $2

Witcoin app spin and win bonus

1. Firstly, you need to download Bingx Exchange; cryptocurrency wallet that can only be used to withdraw money from witcoin. Download the app via HERE

2. After downloading the app, proceed to complete verification with either your NIN iD card or voter’s card. Though it is preferable to use an ID card that shows your date of birth in order not to be rejected.

3. While waiting for approval of your Bingx Exchange profile, open a witcoin account and download the app via HERE

4. Immediately you are done with the registration, you will get a prompt to get free spin which will give you $2 bonus. The $2 bonus is the reason for this publication and it is withdrawable. The bonus can be withdrawn using BingX exchange you just created but the withdrawal takes about 24 hours to drop.

To withdraw the money, simply scroll down on the witcoin app and select already registered, enter the email you used in creating Bingx account and withdraw your bonus.

How to Withdraw Witcoin $2 From Bingx Exchange

How to withdraw $2 witcoin spin and win bonus from Bingx Exchange

This is another point that often seems to be a hurdle because the minimum withdrawal on Bingx is $10 and you have $2.

To withdraw it, you may have to send it to a buyer or vendor, I will recommend one on the telegram channel. But below are the steps to follow;

1. Open the Bingx app and while on the homepage, click on More services“.

2. It will show you all the available services on the app, tap on withdraw, select Tron(trc20) as network and proceed to Internal Transfer.

Bingx withdrawal process

3. On the internal transfer page, enter the amount, paste the vendor’s userID and then select “Standard Futures Account” 

Proceed to withdraw, you will be prompted to create a transaction password. Enter any 6-digit code you know well enough to always remember.

Bingx withdrawal steps

Then proceed to submit, an otp will be sent to your mail to confirm the transaction, enter the otp as well as your transaction pin and submit.

Witcoin app free $2 spin and win bonus

It takes some minutes for the vendor to receive the money then you message him or her with your proof and account details to get your money.

There is a way to accumulate the $2 witcoin Bonus but since the steps can’t be posted here, we will be posting it on our telegram channel, endeavour to join.

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