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Is WSOTP bot legit or scam?

WSOTP is a telegram bot that is designed to purchase WhatsApp accounts from people while in turn crediting them with cash rewards in cryptocurrency precisely, tron. According to the publisher of the telegram bot, you can earn up to $100 from the WSOTP bot simply by selling your WhatsApp account phone numbers.

WSOTP has been on for a long while and even though it’s paying, one thing that has kept me from publishing some details about it, is the fact that I’m oblivious of what they intend doing with the WhatsApp accounts they purchase but if you have many numbers and don’t mind selling them for cash, this could be a source of passive income for you. In this article, we will be finding out all there is to know about selling WhatsApp accounts to the WSOTP bot and how you can earn money on a daily basis from doing so.


WSOTP as previously stated is a telegram bot where users can sell their WhatsApp accounts. It’s not just limited to any specific country as WSOTP is accessible to everyone regardless of his or her country. The only significant thing to note is the selling price.

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WhatsApp accounts from each country has a fixed selling price meaning you can earn a certain amount of money when you sell numbers in specific countries. The selling price is dynamic, according to the publishers of the bot and could either be higher or lower depending on the demand for it. For instance, the selling price for a Nigeria WhatsApp account is $0.20 usd though it’s been reduced to $0.15 of recent.

So when you sell one WhatsApp account, you get credited with $0.15 and can even earn unlimitedly depending on the number of WhatsApp accounts you wish to sell. That’s what the bot is about speaking from a general standpoint.

How to Start Selling WhatsApp Accounts on WSOTP bot

Firstly, you need to create many WhatsApp accounts with the numbers you intend selling. This is important as numbers not yet on Whatsapp would most likely return an error message when you attempt to sell them.

Secondly, after creating WhatsApp accounts with the numbers you wish to sell, click on WSOTP link to start a conversation with the bot. As always to converse with a bot on telegram, you have to use slash /start to get a response and then you drop the number you intend selling.

Ensure you include the country code of the number such as +234 or +233(Ghanaian country code) followed by the number excluding the 0 and send.

If the number is eligible, an otp will be sent to the number, just drop the otp on the bot and if everything goes successfully, you will be rewarded with $0.15 per number sold.

There is no limit to the number of numbers you can sell to the WSOTP bot but bear in mind that selling these WhatsApp accounts means you can’t make use of them again for a long while as they immediately set two way authentication immediately the WhatsApp accounts are sold. So make sure you don’t sell your main WhatsApp accounts.

Withdrawal Conditions On WSOTP

WSOTP withdrawal Conditions

According to the information on the news channel meant for users of the bot, the minimum withdrawal must be above $3 before you can request for payment.

Secondly, you can only place withdrawal once in 24 hours. There is need to accumulate enough money before requesting for payment to avoid being delayed for 24 hours after first withdrawal for the day.

You must set up your withdrawal wallet address before you can request for payment. To set it, simply open your crypto wallet and copy your trc20 wallet address i.e. tron wallet address that starts with T and consist of 34 characters.

How to withdraw from WSOTP

Then head to the WSOTP bot and send /walletaddress then paste your trc20 wallet address. Anytime you want to withdraw, you can click on set up on the bot commands or you can simply send /withdrawcash.

How WSOTP Bot Referral Program Works

There is another way of earning money from the bot and that is by being an active referrer. Apart from selling WhatsApp accounts, you can also refer people and earn commission from their sales.

For each person you refer, they become your sub user and you earn up to 5% commission on their sales. It’s a level system, you earn from 1% to 5% bonus from whatever your referrals sell on WSOTP bot.

Is WSOTP Bot Legit Or Scam?

WSOTP bot payment proof

WSOTP is actually paying as there are numerous direct payments proofs available from the platform. The only downside and unclear thing about the platform is what they are doing with the numbers being purchased.

For all we know they could be purchasing the WhatsApp accounts for illegal activities, so if you’re going to sell your phone numbers, ensure you won’t use the phone numbers for main WhatsApp in future.

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