Yorubet Review: Is Yorubet.com Legit Or Scam?

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About yorubet free bonus

Yorubet is a social casino gaming website that claims users can make money when they deposit and play games. Casino websites have literally taken over the Internet of today because such websites are getting launched on a daily basis with people still joining to make easy money. So in this yorubet review, we will be answering some important questions about the platform.

In this article, we will be reviewing yorubet; a casino gaming website that was recently launched. To balance the review, we will start by having a look at some general information about the platform, then we dive into the downsides and potential upsides if any, of the platform. So sit tight and enjoy this yorubet review.

About Yorubet

Yorubet as the name implies is an online casino gaming website that was created less than 2 months ago according to the information on whois. It’s a gaming website where users can deposit money and stand a chance of doubling or tripling the money simply by playing any of the available games.

Available Games On Yorubet

Yorubet review

The games on yorubet are very limited and also unpopular if I am to say. Since we have reviewed many other casino gaming websites on this blog, the games available on yorubet, seem distinct from what we used to know or the kind of games we see on other casino gaming websites. Be that as it may, below are the available games on yorubet.com;

  • Mega ball
  • Monopoly
  • Lightning roulette
  • Alpha eagle
  • Angels and Demons
  • Happy scratch
  • King treasure

There are many other games on yorubet and they are classified under categories, there are games under Live, slot, scratch games and some other categories. The only downside however, is that most of the games are new or strange to me, personally.

Yorubet Account Registration Process and Bonuses

Firstly, you need to sign up via their official website. After signing up you will be immediately logged into the main dashboard.

There is no verification required, so enter your email address, password and submit. Then you will see a pop up notification that you can enjoy up to 180% bonus on first deposit starting from 2,500 naira.

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So upon registering, you can enjoy more than double the amount deposited to play a game on yorubet. This is the first interesting bonus you can enjoy on the platform.

How to Deposit

How to deposit on yorubet

To deposit, simply click on the plus icon showing next to the 0:00 balance at the top right corner on your homepage.

Click on it and proceed to select one of the amounts showing on the dashboard and then deposit the money to the account and start playing games.

After depositing, you will now be free to play games and earn more than whatever you stake but since this is a review, we will be finding out if the yorubet casino gaming platform is legit or scam, including the downsides and the upsides.

Yorubet Minimum Withdrawal

Yorubet Minimum Withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal amount is 2,000 naira and you can place withdrawal by clicking on your profile icon at the top right corner, then on wallet to see the option to withdraw money directly to your bank account.

Yorubet Review – Is yorubet.com Legit Or Scam?

This the perhaps the most important question as long as this yorubet review is concerned because most people who clicked on this link did so to find out if it’s legit or scam.

So to answer the question, yorubet is legit but this legitimacy is dependent on how good you are in playing the games because if you make a mistake or lose out in the game, your money will be lost to the system.

Also bearing in mind that most of these casino gaming websites are preprogrammed to ensure you don’t win so much. So if care is not taken, you may end up losing all your money thus the reason why you should be wary and always stake low.

Yorubet Red Flags

There are some red flags I noticed while playing the games on yorubet and one of them is, that the games on the website are kind of new. If you are afan of casino games, then you would agree with me when I say the games are kind of new and as such, you may have troubles playing if you ain’t familiar with them.

Secondly, yorubet has no payment proof available on the Internet. Before a website is certified legit or I give my readers a go ahead to deposit on any casino website, I always look out for payment proofs and in some cases, my own proof. I didn’t find any payment proof and no official telegram channel or group dedicated to the platform. This is a major red flag you should take note of before signing up.

Lastly, yorubet support are not as responsive as they should be. For something that has to do with people’s money, there is need to have a good support system. Even the livechat was offline for three to four hours I checked. So bear that in mind should you have plans to deposit on the platform.

The rarity of common games and the fact that yorubet has an unresponsive or slow support system are two major indications that you shouldn’t really deposit something you can’t afford to lose on the platform.

We’ve come to the end of this yurubet review! If you enjoyed the article, feel free to join us on telegram and WhatsApp for more interesting money making updates.

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