Zikotask Review: Is Zikotask.com.ng Scam? (Red Flags)

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Zikotask Review

Zikotask is an online earning website that was launched on the 24th of February. The platform is built for users who are interested in earning money online without doing any strenuous activity. All you have to do on zikotask is to view adverts on a daily basis and your little income adds up. Since it has to do with money, I thought it wise to pen down a zikotask review for those who may want to know if zikotask is legit or scam and also the potential drawbacks.

At the end of this zikotask review, the goal is to reveal how to get started on the platform, how to complete the tasks i.e. view ads, the available earning plans on the platform and finally my input as to whether zikotask is worth the stress or not. So without wasting much time, let’s dive straight into what we are here for.

About zikotask

Zikotask with the url, zikotask.com.ng is an online earning website where users earn additional income from viewing adverts on a daily basis. The UI is pretty simple and straightforward; even a newbie in internet activities should know how to navigate the website and how to view the ads. It’s simple and convenient.

Zikotask.com.ng kyc

There are two main plans otherwise known as KYC on zikotask and as such, to earn money from viewing ads on the platform, you have to verify yourself and to do this, you have to purchase one of the plans. The first plan costs 500 naira while the second costs 1,000 naira.

If you upgrade with 500 naira, you can only view one advert in a day and that is, you’d be earning 50 naira per day for a period of 1 month. On the higher plan, which is 1,000, you will be earning 150 naira from viewing three ads daily for 30 days. From our analysis and calculation, on the 500 naira plan, you should have a total output of 1500 while on the 1000 naira plan with consistent sign in and ad view daily, you should have 4,300 naira total output.

It’s not bad if we’re being fair right now but the question is, how reliable is zikotask? How are you sure the website wouldn’t stop paying after two to three days of signing up? These are the two questions one should ask him or herself whenever a new earning website shows up especially if it involves depositing your own money. But not to worry, we will try to give you some hints regarding the aforementioned questions.

Zikotask Sign Up Process

The first step to take if you wish to start earning on ziko task is to create an account. Simply click on the link and fill the sign up form.

After signing up, you will be automatically logged into the main dashboard for you to verify KYC and start viewing ads. Now like I said, the dashboard is very simple, so I don’t intend explaining so much about the steps you need to take in order to complete kyc and also viewing ads and withdrawal.

To complete the kyc i.e. to purchase a plan, while you are on your dashboard, click on KYC, then when taken to the plans page, select any plan of your choice i.e. from the two I mentioned earlier and pay money.

After being upgraded, click on ads on your dashboard, you can check the screenshot illustration below for better guidance. When you click on it, you will be shown a list of ads to view, if you paid for the 1,000 naira plan, you can view three ads daily but if you upgraded with 500 naira, you can view just one ad from the ads page.

How to start earning money on zikotask

That’s how to keep accumulating money. Repeat the process daily till you have earned up to the minimum withdrawal and then place withdrawal.

How to Withdraw From Zikotask

To withdraw from zikotask, click on the withdraw button and fill your bank account details. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw starting from 500 naira and above.

Then submit and wait for your payment, according to information from people who have actually withdrawn from the platform, the payment takes a couple of minutes; which is a plus considering how slow some of these online earning websites tend to be when it comes to processing withdrawals.

How to Refer for More Money

This is another interesting way of earning more money on zikotask and if you want to start referring, simply scroll down on your dashboard, you will see your referral link, copy and share to friends and family.

For each person who complete sign up with your referral link and also completes KYC, you get 500 naira bonus from such referral. It’s one of the fastest ways of earning money on zikotask and if you have a large audience of people who may want to take the risk, don’t hesitate to share.

Having said all these, I guess it’s time to dive into the more sensitive areas and what actually defines this as a zikotask review.

Zikotask Review – Is zikotask.com.ng Legit Or Scam?

Zikotask might pay for now but the question of whether it is legit or not is deeper than what we see on the surface level. From my own analysis, ziko task is not really legit. Truth is, in a short while things will most likely get sour considering that, it’s organized or designed in similar fashion as a ponzi scheme.

They are basically rotating the money from new people joining and completing KYC to people withdrawing from the platform, so it’s like robbing Peter to pay Paul and as we all know, such a system or arrangement cannot last too long.

Secondly, the earning power of users who complete kyc is very low. Imagine risking your own money initially to deposit and then start earning 150 naira or 50 naira from using data to view ads for a whole 30 days. That’s poor, in the long run, you will see that you’re literally giving back the same amount they claim to have paid you to the system in form of time and data expended on the site viewing ads.

So it’s not really worth it if I’m asked to give an opinion. The only time zikotask can be said to be really worth it, is if you can refer new users to the platform. That way, you get to double and triple your money via the bonuses that will be credited to you.

On the flip side, there is one major green flag currently and that is age of the website. Due to how young the zikotask.com.ng is, it’s best to take any risk you want to take as soon as possible because websites like this get weaker as time goes on.

Thanks! We’ve come to the end of this zikotask review! If you enjoyed the article and would like to read more online money making reviews and updates, join my telegram channel.

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