Airtel Awoof Data Code: Get 1gb For N100 & 3gb for 300 Naira

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Airtel Awoof Data is an offer from Airtel network that is aimed at rewarding select users with more data for less cost. What this means is, if you are one of the customers eligible for these data packages, you get to enjoy very high data allocation for less price; especially when compared to what is obtainable on other networks.

This airtel awoof data offer is a new promo and from what I have noticed, it is not really available for all customers. It’s not strange since the plans are mind-boggling, if you wish to enjoy the awoof Data offer, there are certain steps you need to take to put yourself at a good position to be selected by the network for the data plans. How can this be done? You will find out, just keep reading the article to unveil more surprises.

About Airtel Awoof Data Offer

Airtel Awoof data offer

The Awoof data offer as the name implies are promo data Bundles that select Airtel subscribers can enjoy. If you are eligible for the data plans, you get to enjoy 1gb for just 100 naira, 2gb for 200 naira and 3gb for just 300 naira and these plans even as daily plans are incredible.

Customers often learn about their eligibility for the plans through text messages from the network but in some cases, they may be eligible without being informed or knowing about it and that is where the importance of this article comes in.

Having gone through some of the details about these new Airtel data plans, I am sure you can’t wait to see the Airtel Awoof data codes or codes to activate the plans, worry not, we will be finding out soon.

How to Activate the Airtel Awoof Data Offer (1gb for 200 naira and so on)

How to activate Airtel 1gb for 100 naira

Like I said earlier, the plans are for select subscribers, so if you are eligible for the plan, there is every likelihood that Airtel will notify you via SMS to that effect. This is not always the case though, some people are eligible but have no clue about the plans thus the reason for publishing this article.

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To activate the Awoof data plans, simply pick up your phone, head to the dialpad and enter *312*562#, you will see a list of plans ranging from the 1gb for 100 naira to the 3gb plan. Select anyone that matches your needs and try to subscribe. If you get the insufficient balance response, then there is a high chance you are eligible but if you are not, you will be instantly informed of your ineligibility.

How Long Does Airtel Awoof Data Codes Last?

The data plans are daily plans in the sense that they expire after 5 days of not being used. So whenever you subscribe to any of the plans, endeavour to use it up before 5 days otherwise the data plan will expire and you will have to subscribe again.

Only eligible subscribers can enjoy the Awoof data plans. Ensure you have confirmed your eligibility before recharging to try out the data plans.

How to Become Eligible for Airtel 1gb for 100 naira, 2gb for 200 naira Awoof Data

There is no verified way of being eligible for any of the Awoof data plans. But being inactive when it comes to data subscriptions puts you at an advantage because Airtel seems to be picking sims that have been inactive.

Though there is no verified way of becoming eligible for this mind-boggling data plans, you can raise your odds of qualifying or being selected when you keep your Airtel sim inactive for sometime. Since it’s an eligibility thing, being inactive will raise your chances of being eligible by a good percentage.

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