Extravagant Picture, Review & How to Get $50 By Rating Images

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Extravagant Picture is an online money making platform that users can utilize to earn up to $50 Usdt simply by rating images on a daily basis. If you are looking for a way to make some money online for doing little to nothing online, then this article is certainly for you as we will be going over all there is to know about extravagant picture and how to make money on the platform.

In this article like I said, we will be having a look at a review of extravagant picture which would also cover various aspects such as how to earn money on the platform by completing tasks daily, the extravagant picture referral program, including the red flags and the green flags about the platform. As you can see, we have a long way to go but let’s take it one step at a time by doing an introduction of extravagant picture; in our own way and that of the platform.

About Extravagant Picture

CEO of extravagant picture

According to the information on the homepage of the platform, it is a photography website that users get to earn some cents when they rate pictures available on their dashboard daily. In the words of the extravagant picture;

The world of fashion and its never-ending captivation has always been confined among a few lucky souls. Be it the success story of Mario Prada or the journey of iconic Alexander McQueen, and people are always eager to get the snaps about the inside stories and behind-the-scenes of this glamorous industry. Be it your business or individual fashion blog, now your dream of getting the best collection and fashion stock images will come true. Extravagant picture is a public domain full of fashion stocks that never goes out of style. Browse and rate the high-resolution images that are perfect for all your needs.

Founded in Marseille, France Extravagant picture created a premium-sourced stock and collection of fashion photographs meant for public use. Extravagant picture are proud of giving you a platform where you can peep into the work galleries of celebrated fashion designers, models, and photographers. Now the fashion world and the previews of luxury is within your reach.

On extravagant picture according to the information above, you don’t do any strenuous activity to make money, all it takes is navigating to the menu options and selecting rate images, then rate and submit the images available to earn money.

Is Extravagant Picture Legit?

Extravagant Picture at the time of publishing this article is real and legit. This means, you really get paid for rating images but will this status quo remain the same in the coming days or weeks? I am not sure. The platform may claim to be a photography platform that rewards users for rating images but in actuality, it is a hyip scheme judging from the fact that you have to deposit money to be able to earn the most from the platform.

How Does Extravagant Picture Referral Program Work?

Extravagant Picture has a referral program that is very interesting and if you must withdraw money for free on the platform, you have to utilize it to the fullest. You earn as much as 16% of the commission from the daily tasks completed by your direct referrals.

What this means is that, if your referral registers and completes tasks, you earn 16% of their daily earnings till they withdraw or stop doing the tasks. This is very interesting because the referral bonuses gotten can be instantly withdrawn without delay.

If you are able to refer alot of users, you may be able to withdraw within 24 hours just from referral commissions only and this referral bonus remains the same daily as long as your referrals keep completing tasks. That’s why you need to remind them to always complete tasks daily for your bonus to keep coming.

When Was Extravagant Picture Launched?

When was extravagant picture launched?

Extravagant Picture was officially registered on the 29th of April, 2023. But the platform kicked off operation sometime last month. So it’s a pretty new platform that one can fetch some money from before it crashes. Will it crash? That’s certain, all ponzi schemes will fold up eventually.

How to Earn Upto $50 Free On Extravagant Picture

First of all, you need to create an account if it’s your first time of hearing about the platform. Click HERE to open an extravagant picture account.

There is no means of verification apart from the otp that will be sent to your email. Enter the otp and a new account will be opened for you.

Click on the three lines at the top left corner and tap on Rate Images’, scroll down a bit till you see the image, rate it and submit. As a user on trial package you can only complete two tasks daily i.e. you can rate only two images daily.

Each rating gives, $0.42 so you should be expecting almost a dollar on a daily basis as long as you stick to rating images. There is a premium package on extravagant picture but that’s for people who are willing to take the risk;

How to deposit on extravagant picture

They have three premium plans starting from $25 – $100. When you buy a premium plan (which I wouldn’t advise you to) you automate your earnings from rating images and also your earnings per day will be much higher than people on trial package.

Minimum Withdrawal And How to Withdraw Money From Extravagant Picture

Extravagant Picture payment proof

The minimum withdrawal is $10 but you should have up to $10.50 because they charge some fees before you can withdraw.

To withdraw money from extravagant picture, just click on the three lines at the top left corner > select Funds > click on Withdraw from the drop down menu and proceed to withdraw. The available withdrawal options available are, BTC and USDT TRC20. So just enter your name, paste your address and enter amount then submit.

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Payment arrives within some minutes if you place it on a Payday. You can only get paid either on Tuesdays or Fridays. If you place withdrawal outside these two days, your withdrawal will pend till the said days.

Red Flags About Extravagant Picture

  • Minimum withdrawal is pretty high. In the sense that, there is no way you can reach the minimum withdrawal on trial package unless you have a team or have upgraded.
  • The Mimimum deposit amount is quite high. It will take a great deal of risk taking for one to deposit $25 into a platform he hasn’t earned a dime from.
  • Out of a whopping 7 days, participants can only get paid twice. That’s a very bad signal because alot of things can happen prior to the payday.
  • Extravagant Picture didn’t provide a clear option for people to contact support. The only way to contact support is to directly send them a mail via support@extravagantpicture.com. This is not a good sign as a platform that involves people’s money should have an in-app or website support system that works

Green Flags About Extravagant Picture

  • Extravagant Picture actually pays. If you place withdrawal on the pay day, you will most likely receive your money unless things change along the line.
  • The referral program is very interesting. If you have a large team, you can be withdrawing as much as $20-40 on a daily basis from the commission of your referrals.
  • The maximum amount one can deposit is pegged at $100. This is a good news judging from the fact that similar platforms fix theirs at a much higher amount. It goes a long way to show that extravagant picture doesn’t have negative intentions at this time.

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