Letschat Women’s Football Giveaway: Free 150 Naira Airtime & iPhone 14

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Letschat Women’s Football giveaway is currently ongoing and users who participate in the giveaway stand a chance to win an iphone 14 as well as free 150 naira airtime daily for 30 days. If you are a Letschat user, then you would know that the app often conduct airtime giveaway programs to reward users.

In this article, we are going to have a look at how to participate in the Letschat Women’s Football airtime giveaway. I believe we all know what Letschat is about, it is a social messaging app similar to WhatsApp, the only difference is that, Letschat conduct airtime giveaways from time to time to reward users.

Without wasting much time, let’s get down to steps to follow in order to get the free airtime and stand a chance to win iPhone 14!

Steps to Follow In Order to Participate In Letschat Women’s Football Giveaway

Letschat Women's Football Giveaway

1. Download Letschat App from Google Play Store and sign up if you don’t already have an account. The sign up process is not stressful at all.

2. After signing up, login to your account and click on shoot for iPhone to complete the tasks. In order to win the airtime and stand a chance to shoot for an iPhone 14, you have to complete three main tasks;

  •  Make a video/voice call to a friend for atleast 30 seconds.
  •  Make a voice or video call to a second friend for another 30 seconds to get the second 150 naira airtime.
  • Answer a simple question related to the free call/football correctly.

Then you will be fully rewarded with 150 naira airtime. If you want to shoot for the iphone 14, you need to complete the three tasks above and then come back to the event page at 9pm everyday to shoot for a golden ball and get an opportunity to win an iPhone.

Winners of the iphone 14 will be announced on the event page after 9:05pm everyday during the event.

The Letschat Women’s Football giveaway is very interesting and if you keep up with the tasks on a daily basis, you won’t really lack airtime for calls.

When Is Letschat Giveaway Ending?

When Letschat Women's Football giveaway is ending

The Letschat Women’s Football giveaway is ending on the 20th of August. Which means the giveaway is set to run for a full month.

Ensure you complete the tasks on a daily to get free airtime on a daily basis and also stand a chance to win an iPhone 14 free!

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